How to succeed on TSU?

TSU is a community where people socialize and share their valuable original creations,  pictures, stories, feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Let’s keep TSU a safe and friendly place while promoting original content and authentic engagement.

Try to create your own original content, by posting some interesting creation or editing some photos or creating some quotes on photos.


How do you get success on Tsu…. post original authentic content. This will bring you more Likes, Comments and Shares.

Just stay focused on posting quality content and interacting with other users. You will be noticed, followed and friended by like minded people and your network will grow.

Of course, that means more fun and friends. But also more shares, likes and comments, bigger traffic on your wall and money will come. No need to force it.

Say NO to spam and spammers. Not gonna do you any good if you share or comment on posts containing random stolen Google images of nature, landscapes or cute animals.

Supporting that kind of posts is actually kind of spamming other users and cheating on TSU. Those kind of posts are absolutely useless, and you are just wasting your time by stopping on them and supporting people who post stolen images.

Be original

Create your own original post, share and comment on posts you like. Try to give support to original content creators, engage with them, comment and like their posts. Be interactive with authors of #originalcontent. That’s the way you are helping the original content creator making their posts worth attention. That`s the way you helping TSU network to grow even more.

Engage with another person’s post with original content and write a meaningful comment rather than a one word sentence. You’re helping the original content creator by making their post seem as if it’s worth engaging in.
TSU is all about making friends and following people who create and post original and interesting content.
Be consistent, be active on the network with creative and original posts and participate on some of the interesting TSU #challenges.

Tsu Challenges - Original Content

Tomislav Goshevski – Been There Challenge on Tsu


Tsu Challenges are a great opportunity for you to be noticed.

People will start interact with you, this process will bring more real friends and followers on your network and again more traffic to your wall, bigger numbers in your Tsu analytics and more money in your Tsu bank.
More creativity, more interesting and original posts, more interaction, more friends and followers, bigger network…more fun and more money for you, but also more money for TSU to grow and develop into an even better social media platform.

My friends and family! Welcome to best network in the world and enjoy your TSUing.

Let`s help and support each other on Tsu.

Author Tomislav Goshevski 

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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