Why it's time to join Tsu Social - It's time for change

A couple of weeks ago Tsu users around the world woke up to the realisation that they could no longer share links to their Tsu content on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook had blocked and censored the Tsu domain and unsurprisingly the censorship continued on Instagram.

What do you do when Facebook blocks you, well not much. I have been reporting what has been happening since this unfair action was taken, along with Tsu’s very own Eileen Brown who writes for Zdnet made waves with a great article in support of the Tsu Social Network

Is Facebook afraid of social network rival Tsu?

Tsu has 4.2 million users, while Facebook has over 1.4 billion. Yet the social networking Goliath has apparently stopped allowing Tsu users to post items to Facebook and has removed all historical posts and links referring to the site.

On September 25, users of social network site Tsu discovered that they could no longer post items to Facebook or Instagram mentioning the URL “Tsu.co”. Tsu users and employees reported these blocks to Facebook and Instagram. Tsu users commented across the platform that there was an issue.

A few days later the Tsu api to Facebook was shut down. Error messages referred to the fact that the content was deemed to be malicious.

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Tsu members hit their Facebook feeds with meme’s supporting Tsu with the attitude “you can block our links but you can’t block our images” and support has been growing ever since.

Why the time is right to join Tsu Social - Facebook Meme

Then today on Tsu’s 1st Birthday Ceo Sebastian Sobczak and the team got the perfect gift as a new blog article by David Fagin appeared on the Huffington Post

So, Tsu Me: Why Facebook Is Terrified of This Virtually Unknown Competitor and What It Could Mean For the Future of the Internet

Let’s ‘Face’ it. In today’s tech landscape, there’s no bigger dog on the block than Facebook. “King Mark” has built an empire so rich and so vast that if he thinks your little startup is going to cause him problems, he simply buys you out for more money than you, or your grandkids, or their grandkids, will ever need. Problem solved.

But, what if you’re not for sale? What in the world does King Mark do if you have something really great, that has millions of users around the globe buzzing about its potential as being a “game-changer,” and he can’t have it? Simple. He blocks you.

Being blocked from Facebook in this day and age is the equivalent of being kicked off AT&T in the mid 70s. Which, if it happened, could create some problems.

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The Huffington Post is huge site and for them to report the unfair treatment of Tsu really puts the issue in the spot light.

The censorship by Facebook never really bothered me too much as any links shared on Facebook have a pitiful social reach so it always seemed like a pointless ban, what i did take offence with was that it was nothing more than a bullying tactic.

The Facebook, Tsu conflict is very much a David and Goliath fight but with the Huffington Post now reporting the rest of the world may now start to take notice and join Tsu Social

I always took Facebooks censorship of Tsu as a blessing in disguise, i think business is about to pick up

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