Love Tsu

I am starting to love Tsu

Up until the past two months I have been an out and out Instagramer. I couldn’t get enough of it, I found Instagram to be the quickest and simplest way to show my followers my progress through my self healing journey.

It seemed like the perfect output to reach a new demographic everyday and grow my regular followers and whilst also relying on my visual based training background. With Instagram’s main way to reach new people being through the use of hashtags, it all seemed simple enough, but it was always feeling like there was something missing. Something that was stopping me reaching my full potential and my website analytics agreed.

The initial flaw I kept coming across when trying to work out why traffic wasn’t being drawn towards my website from Instagram, was there was no way I could direct traffic from an Instagram post to a specific blog post. I was supposed to completely rely on the single website link posted in my Instagram profile. Having to rely on my posts to engage followers enough to encourage them to make a minimum of two extra clicks more than any other network, just to get to my landing page, let alone to get to a specific article or recipe. I honestly couldn’t see that happening, in a world of ever growing impatiens internet users are growing less and less willing to work to find what they want – everything must be as instant as possible.

Really there was no way to really see if Instagram was helping my website growth. I was starting to feel miffed, unsure if my efforts were completely going to waste.

Caged Fire - Super Greens - Why i have grown to love Tsu

Now i have grown to love Tsu

Thankfully just over two months ago a good friend and mental health blogger Lola Bee/thatlolagirl contacted me to tell me about TSU, a social network that pays for content.

To be honest it wasn’t the monetization that really drew me to wanting to add another social network to my repertoire; after all there is only so much social networking a sole person can manage. I was really drawn to how she told me how supportive everyone was of one another, and the lack of those relentless trashy spam tags and comments which always lead to some ‘get more followers now!’ Scam that set so much of my time.

I needed somewhere that worked as a strong community to build up my blog and freelance writing business, somewhere I could build up my confidence away from spam and petty trolls – something I had already seen I couldn’t get from other social networks.

Within the first week of settling into using Tsu I already knew it was the new home for promoting my blog, the final win was when I realised it had the best of all of the previous networks I had used, the ability to be seen just through searching for tags, the ability to be seen through channels and communities, the friends and followers options, and most of all the ability to post direct links. In fact links even appeared far more presentable than when I do the same on my other profiles, it’s the ability to choose which image I use from the link and add extra text to explain it relevance and add exclusive content for followers and i really started to love Tsu.

Over time as my following rapidly grew on Tsu (seriously check out just how quick it is growing) I got to see just how welcoming and supporting everyone on Tsu really were, I started to receive direct messages of encouragement and advice, people showed me useful channels and quickly started to see the impact it was having upon my website traffic. Within three weeks already 60% of my traffic was coming from Tsu completely surpassing Facebook traffic which I was having to pay for, Tsu on the other hand are paying me to advertise my business!

Caged Fire –Vegan Wholefoodist, homeschool mammy and yoga enthusiast. Living, learning, and blogging

It very quickly became inevitably clear that Tsu was the obvious choice for caged fire to build a strong and sustainable social following.

Caged Fire - Why i have grown to love Tsu

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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