what not to do on tsu one word tsu comments do not make them


The one thing that active Tsu members hate on Tsu are members who come to their pages and posts to make one word Tsu comments like “like and nice

Do not do this unless what you are writing is in context with the subject.

There is no reason to comment “like” because Tsu has a like button and you really should not post “nice” unless it fits with the content, for example its a great picture you could comment “nice”, but it would be much better and much more valuable to you if you comment something like “this is a really nice picture, where did you take it?”

What not to do on tsu - example of what to do

So why do members post unrelated one word comments on Tsu?

Well it is good to note this problem is not just a Tsu issue, it happens on all social media, but on Tsu it is particularly prevalent because as we know Tsu is a social networking site that rewards us.

Somewhere along the line these guys have been told that making comments makes them money so they try to max out their comments as quickly as possible by just cut and pasting “nice”

The problem is we do not get rewarded on Tsu for comments, we only get paid for our views, so going to a hundred member posts and commenting “nice” just to max your comments is a completely pointless act.

They will also then comment “like” when they have maxed out their likes, again complete pointless because Tsu pays us for our views not the views we give.

Making mass one word comments will just make members block you. I have a policy of not blocking these members because for a lot of them English is not their first language so i often reply and advise how they should be commenting and often end up with a new follower as a result.

So why comment or like Tsu Posts?

The purpose of clicking the like button is really just to show appreciation. It doesn’t make you any more money, the original content creator doesn’t make any more money because they have already got the view because your on their content, it is really just to show the content creator that you have been on their page and you like what you see.

Tsu comments are a bit different, again you don’t get paid for making Tsu comments and the content creator doesn’t either because they already get the view for you being on their post, they don’t get an extra view or are paid any more.

The reason for making Tsu comments is for conversation and to drive engagement and to give opinion. I you do this and others read it their is a big chance they will follow or friend you and visit your page to see what your doing and this how you get views and drive your social rewards.

When you make real subjective comments on members posts you build relationships and your influence grows on Tsu. That is how you grow your rewards, and how you get more friends and followers.

Giving likes and comments are internal backlinks, clickable links to your page, a line of breadcrumbs to your profile, they help other members find you and let them see that you are an active member of the Tsu Social Network.

Hope this helps

regards Dexter


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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