Join the millions of members who are monetising their social media experience with the Tsu Social Network

What is Tsu?

Tsu is a social networking site based in New York that rewards it’s members for the content that they produce.

Tsu shares an incredible 90% of the site advertising revenue and gives it back to the members, that’s $9.00 out of every $10 given back to members, that’s you and me.

Keep the money you earn, transfer it to friends or donate it to one of the many Tsu Social Charities, it is really up to you.

Tsu is a fairer way to be social. Tsu is the future of social media!

Join by clicking the banner below or download the Tsu app and enter the persons name who invited you into the sponsor box

What is Tsu?

How to create the perfect Tsu page after you join

Whap is tsu

1/ Set your profile up. Add an avatar and a background and fill in some information about yourself and add your social channels.


2/ Make your first post. Introduce yourself saying who you are and why you have joined Tsu, let the Tsu members into your world.


3/ Decide what you want your page to be about. A running theme is a good idea to attract followers interested in the same things as you are. It’s okay to post different content to your chosen niche but in moderation, you want a balanced, interesting Tsu page. It has to be a page that you like and can be proud of.


4/ Follow like minded members, You can easily finnd them by searching hash tags related to your interests. Then go through your results and follow those you like.


5/ Engage with members. If you like what someone has said then tell them, if you don’t like what they have said tell them as well giving your opinion, build that bridge and grow your connections on Tsu.


6/ Quality over quantity. Don’t try and max your limits just for views. Concentrate on creating valuable content that people will like, comment and share.


7/ Invite your friends with your profile link. Tsu is a social site that rewards content creation so tell everyone. So how do you explain the answer to the question “What is Tsu and how it works?” …….

“you know when a radio station plays a song? well the station pays the owner of the music a royalty fee for using the music…. well Tsu is very similar… when we create content on Tsu we earn daily rewards against the views our content receives …. Tsu is the radio station and we own the music”

What is Tsu? …. Tsu is a much fairer was to be social.

What is Tsu?

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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