What can the Tsu Social Network do for you

I’ve been an amateur writer on the web for fifteen years. I have had quite a bit of success on the dedicated writing sites, but over the last few years have seen diminishing returns on these sites.

Realizing that these sites are essentially dying because Google views them as content farms, I decided to abruptly stop writing on the main article writing sites and search for a much better tool to write on.

I joined a couple of social sites that paid and enjoyed them for a time. The main problem with writing on a social site is that generally the community is not interested in content; all they want to do is share memes, complain about life and talk with friends.

Luckily someone sent me a Tsu invite. Initially I thought it was simply a carbon copy of Facebook without the games, but as I persevered with the site, I began to realize that Tsu is much more than that.

After my initial rush to friend and follow everyone, I stepped back and actually thought about what the Tsu Social Network could do for me. These are the conclusion I came to:

  • Through groups, and tags I am able to find people who have similar interests to me and I am able to engage with them. This is great as I am beginning to link up with some great writers and am learning a lot from them. I also have found a new passion in photography and am learning to hone my skills on some of the photography groups.

  • The more engaged I am with people, the more they will engage with me. This is probably the most important thing I have learned. Engagement doesn’t mean posting a picture or a link every five minutes and watching the money roll in, it mean actively commenting, replying, sharing and viewing original content – the more active I am, the more people respond.

  • I have found that I can use the statistics and feedback (views, comments, likes and shares) on my posts to judge which pieces of writing work and which don’t – this allows me to focus on creating a body of work that is consistent and also has appeal to a larger audience.

  • One thing that pleases me the most about tsu is the ability to give directly to charity on the site. Not only can I monetize my own personal content on the Tsu Social Network, but I can choose to give my earnings to a charity of my choice.

The Tsu Social Network - What Tsu Can Do For You

There are many other benefits to joining Tsu!

When I joined the Tsu Social Network I was excited at the prospect of earning a residual income with my work on Tsu; today I am excited at building a network of friends, professionals and experts.

I had low expectations when I joined and different goals; it comes as a surprise to me that I really am not an active member of Tsu for the social rewards (money) – it’s the engagement, the learning, the advice and the people that makes Tsu Social Network the best in the world!

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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