Tsu Topics and Channels Explained

With the big upgrade to Tsu v3.0 came the introduction of Tsu Topics. Tsu Topics are basically categories of interest. When you make a post you simply select the channel that is relevant to your content and publish within that Topic, the idea being that relevant content is grouped giving users a better more relevant Tsu experience.

Channels, formerly known as groups now appear within relevant Tsu Topics.

Some changes have been made to Channels that you should be made aware of

All newly created Tsu channels are now monetized the same as when you just post to a topic. There is no split in ad revenue to the admins and Tsu Charity, they now work on a 45% content creator, 45% network and 10% split. Channels / groups that were created before the update to v3.0 have kept the original Tsu monetization split where group admins and a designated charity benefit from the revenue.

So what does this mean for members?

Well in basic terms you earn more rewards for posting in the new channels than you do the old because there is no admin and charity split. The big advantage the old channels have is that they have bigger member numbers which equates to more views but as the new channels get established they will be the place to publish your content because the revenue split is better than the original groups.

A word or warning

Tsu Channels / Groups have moderation features that can be switched on to combat spam. If the group owner turns on moderation then posts will be held in a waiting pattern until they are okayed. If the admin does not okay the post in will not appear on Tsu anywhere, so make sure that what you add is relevant to the channel and follows the rules set out by the owner admin otherwise it may never appear on Tsu. You of course don’t have to post in channels you can just post to the topics and public, i tend to post only in my own channels and channels owned by friends that i am green lighted to post on.

Should you click FOLLOW on Tsu Topics?

You now have the ability to Follow Tsu Topics that you like and although this sounds like a good idea initially again you need to understand how this feature works to decide if you should follow or not.

Tsu Topics and Channels

The point of Topics is to offer the end user the most relevant content, so it does make sense to follow Tsu Topics that you like, the problem is that you then send a lot of content to your feed. Every post that appears on a Topic that you follow also appears on your feed, and that may be great if the Topic is 100% relevant but for the majority of members they are not. There is also a knock on effect that impacts on the members who you follow and friend. If you have a set of follows who’s content you like seeing then suddenly it becomes much harder to see because you also have all the content from Topics in your feed.

Following Tsu Topics also impacts on your daily rewards. Lets say you have 10000 Tsu Followers if those follows just follow you and not topics then your going to be seen, if however they follow topics there is a much bigger chance your not seen because they are seeing a lot more content so your views go down which means your daily rewards go down. If your followers follow Topics then the value of your followers is diluted so for me you should follow members and not Topics.

The flip side of this is that if you can get your posts to trending on Tsu they are then sent to all the members following the Tsu Topic that you used, so there is a element of swings and roundabouts about it but here is no real need to follow Topics as they are tabbed at the top of the site anyway.

Should you click FOLLOW on Channels/Groups?

100% yes because in this instance when you click Follow you join the Channel and the content does not get sent to your feed. Follow just means join.

So that is how Topics and Channels work, if you have any questions then leave me a comment below or contact me on Tsu as @Infobunny or @Dexterroona

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