Is There A Spam Problem On Tsu?

To Block Or Not To That Is The Tsu Question

There seems to be an opinion by a very small minority that there is a spam problem on Tsu but i don’t believe this is the case, yes sure there are some spammers but it is no where near as big a problem as some members will have you believe.

does tsu have a spam problem

Some Tsu members will have tell you that comments like “like” and “nice” are spam but are they? Yes some of these comments may be spam with the member just posting to max comments in an attempt to earn bigger rewards on Tsu, but Tsu does not pay for comments, it pays for your views. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Groups – Thinking Of Creating a Tsu Group?

tsu groups - creating a tsu group

Here are some useful tips to make sure that your Tsu group is a success.

Give your Tsu Group a great keyword based name

First up you need a good keyword related name. The keywords will be used in the group url and this will really improve your groups seo, this is very important to get your Tsu Group seen outside of Tsu. So add a really good descriptive group title.

Do a little research If you were searching for your group on Google then which search terms would you use? Google these words and your find your competition. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Social Posts Vanishing – Let Me Explain why this is happening

Tsu social posts - Tsu the paying Social Site

Where have all my Tsu Social posts gone?

So you are super active on Tsu Social and you are looking to leverage your content on this incredible paying social site but then you start to find that your content seems to just fall off a cliff.

So what’s the deal?

Is Tsu deleting my Tsu Social posts?

If not where is the missing content?

Is it still monetized?

Well here are the answers. Tsu Social puts a limit of 250 posts that it shows in a member profile feed and 250 in a member feed and the reason for this is simply site performance to keep it fast and so forth.

The mystery of the vanishing Tsu Social posts has nothing at all to do with a time frame, and they are not deleted from the system so they are still monetized, they are just no shown on the feed any more. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Don’t Forget You Have A Tsu Social Downline

Tsu Social don' forget you have a tsu downline

You really don’t need a big downline/network to make Tsu Social a success, but what you do need though is for your network members to be active. So you need to have some kind of contact with them to help them get started and to encourage them.

This is not so hard if you know them personally, but if your Tsu sign ups are a result of you promoting Tsu Social on other networks then you really have to work that bit harder to get your sign ups active.

Welcoming new members is an absolute must. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu doesn’t pay us for posting Google Images

tsu tips

Tsu doesn’t pay us for posting Google Images ….. just don’t do it, don’t fall into this trap. Google images are more than likely copyright images so it is against the terms to post them and receive royalties.

You more than likely won’t get in trouble for using them, but when it comes to payment time your account will be checked and your Tsu payment won’t get paid and you will have spent 2,3,4 months wasting your time. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Grow Your Audience – Tsu Tip for New Users

Tsu is a social platform that rewards members for the original content they produce.

There are a lot of tips out there so it’s difficult to add new value to what has already been said.

The challenge is to find quality resources all in one place – hence Tsu Made Easy is a great new place to find out everything you need to know about Tsu.

You can read a whole host of basic rules all over Tsu, many shares you can make, how many pending friend requests you can have outstanding, and the maximum amount of members you can follow in a single day, all information that new members need to know eventually, but biggest challenge that new Tsu members  have when getting started is who to follow and how to build their network.


How to build a quality Tsu Network – Tsu Made Easy

Some Tsu experts say use hashtags with the area of your interest, some say type in #tsu or other keywords including “tsu” and follow anyone that has posted within 10 mins as it is quite likely they follow you back because they are probably still online Read the rest of this Tsu entry