Tsu Social Tips – Getting Started

6 tsu social tips

Tsu Social Tips For Success

Here are some simple Tsu Social Tips to make your Tsu experience enjoyable and profitable.The following rules are in no particular order of importance

1 – Always add value

This is an absolute must. Everything you share should add value to those who are reading, it should reach out to them in some small way to drive some kind of engagement.

Just sharing a string of headlines and links can appear as spam to readers. What you share needs to be something that someone really wants to read.

2 – Don’t Overuse HashTags

Overuse of hastags looks very spammy. Rather than typing in endless tags spend the time adding relevant text that members will read and engage on.

3 – Avoid automation

This is another absolute must. Any kind of automation, plugins, apps, extensions that are not okayed by Tsu are prohibited. If you use them you will be banned or your redemption payment will be declined.

4 – Avoid negativity at all cost

Keep it positive, and you’ll never have a problem. Go negative, and not much good will happen. Remember what you say represents you.

5 – Never Spam or Hijack

If your going to interact with other members on Tsu Social then do not hijack other members posts, don’t jump and add your own link. And definitely do not spam. That includes posting in multiple groups, you may only be posting once in each group but that is spamming and other members will see it.

6 – Make real comments

No one word comments like “Like” or “Nice” … they are hated on Tsu and again appear as spam

Do you have any Tsu Social Tips ? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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Tsu Channels and Topics Explained

Tsu Topics and Channels Explained

With the big upgrade to Tsu v3.0 came the introduction of Tsu Topics. Tsu Topics are basically categories of interest. When you make a post you simply select the channel that is relevant to your content and publish within that Topic, the idea being that relevant content is grouped giving users a better more relevant Tsu experience.

Channels, formerly known as groups now appear within relevant Tsu Topics.

Some changes have been made to Channels that you should be made aware of

All newly created Tsu channels are now monetized the same as when you just post to a topic. There is no split in ad revenue to the admins and Tsu Charity, they now work on a 45% content creator, 45% network and 10% split. Channels / groups that were created before the update to v3.0 have kept the original Tsu monetization split where group admins and a designated charity benefit from the revenue. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Social Network – COONY TIPS

coont tips - tsu social media


Hey Tsu Family. Geeting’s from Germany

I have some real Tsu TIPs for YOU on “How to get people to engage on your Tsu Feed?”

Well, let me tell it like it is… It is a no-brainer when you got it


1/ Create your own Content
Don’t copy and paste content that is not yours. I can tell you, that you will lose your Account 100%.

2/ Follow people who have a lot of followers and watch daily for what they post about, on their feed.

3/ Find people who are interested in the same kind of content as you are. Find similar conversations of substance.

4/ Find interesting topics and create for specific “niches” specific content, to inspire other people to FOLLOW YOU and ENGAGE ON YOUR POSTS.


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How To Promote Tsu With Twitter

how to get sign ups to tsu with twitter

How to promote your Tsu Social with your Twitter account

The key to promoting Tsu Social on any social media site is for your social shares to look natural, and when i say natural i mean that you have to put some of you into what your sharing.

Auto-sharing when we create content on Tsu is a great option, but it does also make us a bit lazy. Auto-shares do get the message out but they do also have no personality and don’t really inspire your followers because they probably see the tweet as exactly that, just an auto-share, and they have no confidence that there is a real person behind the social activity, so it is a really good idea to go to Twitter occasionally put some of you onto your feed, after all people buy from people and we are selling Tsu.

how to promote your tsu account with twitter

Social sharing from Tsu to Twitter gives you a very basic and bland version of your content on Tsu on your Twitter feed, it never really says much about Tsu as a site or why your followers should come and join, so go to your Twitter account and just make a few manual tweets. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

What Not To Do On Tsu

what not to do on tsu one word tsu comments do not make them


The one thing that active Tsu members hate on Tsu are members who come to their pages and posts to make one word Tsu comments like “like and nice

Do not do this unless what you are writing is in context with the subject.

There is no reason to comment “like” because Tsu has a like button and you really should not post “nice” unless it fits with the content, for example its a great picture you could comment “nice”, but it would be much better and much more valuable to you if you comment something like “this is a really nice picture, where did you take it?” Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How To Grow Your Tsu Followers Organically

Simple Tips To Grow Your Tsu Followers And Friends

Here are some simple tips to grow your Tsu followers but at the same time not clog up your Tsu feed with unrelated content to your niche.

how to grow your followers on tsu organically

Here is how to grow your Tsu Followers organically

You need to start by searching hashtags for the niche you are interested in. From the search results that appear you are looking for the Tsu members who are posting similar content to yours because they will be interested in what you add to your profile feed, these are the type of members you should be following and the type of members who you want to follow you. Read the rest of this Tsu entry