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The Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle is a new circle category within the Tsu Mention Club, geared toward those who like to post  tips on how to use Tsu.

The member listed below have opted in to this circle and agree to receive mentions into posts about Tsu Tips.

Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle works like this –

1. Create good original content in the Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle (no Google Images) adding Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle at the front or the end of the post title.

2. Add your member number to the title or to the top of the description of your post so for example i am member 9 so i would add MEMBER 9…. this will help us to see if the member posting and using the circle is in the circle because we can check Number 9 on the post against Number 9 on the circle. Here is an example of how your post should look Tsu doesn’t pay us for Google Images

3. Add a text snippet at the end saying something like ” if you would like to be involved with our Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle  then go to http://tsumadeeasy.infobunny.com/tsu-tips-and-tricks-circle/ and follow the instructions.

4. Mention no more than 10 members from the list as a comment on the post. You can use the list on a maximum of 3 posts per day.

5. Wait 1 hour for comments to your content.

6. Mention 10 more (spread the mentions out over the day) and wait for engagement.

7. Reciprocate the engagement you receive.

8. Tell members about the Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle and all of the related circles because the more members that opt in the better this works. The hashtags we are using for the Tsu Tips and Tricks Circle #tsutipscircle #tsutipsandtricks

9. This circle will have a member limit of 50 members and we will have a waiting list for members who would like to opt in. If someone opts out then a member from the waiting list will fill the empty space.


Tsu Tips and Tricks Opt-In List

to opt into the list go the

Tsu Tips and Tricks Opt In Page

1-10 @BigFollowing @Doutlaw311 @hong2 @GreGariousDesiGns @AnnaLieb

@RobynsRealm @ChristosFellas @mcmanusmom @dexterroona @rem3600

11-20 @IuliaEzzeldin @Write_Now @UweLang @BeadaBeada @higgybabe

@MamaSurah @Krichie82 @lburger24 @darrylburma @alexdaniel

21-30 @TammyStHubbins @TheSuziQ @evelynnmimi @JoshuaMcDonaldCo

@twilawiseman @allanrabanales @HowSwedeSheIs

@smartlivingafter40 @elizacheng @Dexterroona

31-40 @Geordgie @DebbieOw @avgantura @donnastewart @livefearlessly

@La_Simo @ViralTsu @prezmo

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