Tsu The Paying Alternative To Facebook And Twitter

Tsu is a social media platform that started October 2014.  Tsu works in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter.   You can post your photos, add text, share your videos, and add links to interesting content on other sites, it is a great way to share content.

A key feature that makes Tsu stand out from other social sites like Facebook and Twitter is that Tsu shares it’s ad revenue with it’s users, so the more you use Tsu the more you are rewarded. 

It’s  just pennies at first but grows as you develop a network of friends and followers. 

When your rewards reach $100 you can redeem them and receive a check if you are in the Usa or be paid via Paypal for the rest of the world.

tsu lets look how the money works

Getting Started

Before you go crazy inviting all your friends, it’s a good idea to get a better understanding of how Tsu works because when someone joins they are going to want to know how Tsu works and expect you to give them answers or they will go right back to Facebook.

If you have a good understanding of how the Tsu platform works and have knowledge of how the rev share then your sign ups are much more likely to stick around to make money for themselves and everyone else.

Learn how things work so you’ll be more able to recruit others and keep them around.

When you first start using Tsu, you have no friends or followers so you need to find some.

Hashtags are your friend.  In the top left of the screen is a search box.  Type in a word of interest to you with a hashtag at the front: #gardening.

Click return and the results will show you all the members who have added content and used the tag you have searched.  These are the guys who are interested in what you are also interested in so would make good friends to add or follows to get you started.

Once you have a good understanding of how Tsu works you can start to invite your friends.

You can’t join Tsu without an invite link so you need to give your friends your Private Invite link which will be http://www.tsu.co YOUR USERNAME.

The first thing people will want to know is What Is Tsu?  You can try to explain it to them over a text message or email or call  you can offer a more formal explanation like this article that i wrote

Social Networking on Tsu.  

And Dr. Tarrin P Lupo has put together a pretty good 7-minute video on YouTube that you can see below.

What is tsū? Is it true they pay you to use their social network?

Moving Forward With Tsu

As you add followers and friends and grow your network your engagement will begin to increase and your rewards will begin to grow.

You won’t get rich by using Tsu but it is a much better option than letting the usual suspects get rich off your content and activity and if money is not your objective then cool there are some awesome Tsu charities that you can donate your earnings to and. 

Now you have made a difference.

Author Ken Peavey 


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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