6 tsu social tips

Tsu Social Tips For Success

Here are some simple Tsu Social Tips to make your Tsu experience enjoyable and profitable.The following rules are in no particular order of importance

1 – Always add value

This is an absolute must. Everything you share should add value to those who are reading, it should reach out to them in some small way to drive some kind of engagement.

Just sharing a string of headlines and links can appear as spam to readers. What you share needs to be something that someone really wants to read.

2 – Don’t Overuse HashTags

Overuse of hastags looks very spammy. Rather than typing in endless tags spend the time adding relevant text that members will read and engage on.

3 – Avoid automation

This is another absolute must. Any kind of automation, plugins, apps, extensions that are not okayed by Tsu are prohibited. If you use them you will be banned or your redemption payment will be declined.

4 – Avoid negativity at all cost

Keep it positive, and you’ll never have a problem. Go negative, and not much good will happen. Remember what you say represents you.

5 – Never Spam or Hijack

If your going to interact with other members on Tsu Social then do not hijack other members posts, don’t jump and add your own link. And definitely do not spam. That includes posting in multiple groups, you may only be posting once in each group but that is spamming and other members will see it.

6 – Make real comments

No one word comments like “Like” or “Nice” … they are hated on Tsu and again appear as spam

Do you have any Tsu Social Tips ? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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