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Where have all my Tsu Social posts gone?

So you are super active on Tsu Social and you are looking to leverage your content on this incredible paying social site but then you start to find that your content seems to just fall off a cliff.

So what’s the deal?

Is Tsu deleting my Tsu Social posts?

If not where is the missing content?

Is it still monetized?

Well here are the answers. Tsu Social puts a limit of 250 posts that it shows in a member profile feed and 250 in a member feed and the reason for this is simply site performance to keep it fast and so forth.

The mystery of the vanishing Tsu Social posts has nothing at all to do with a time frame, and they are not deleted from the system so they are still monetized, they are just no shown on the feed any more.

Your feeds can go back 8, 9 10 months or even to the start of Tsu’s existence providing you have not made more than 250 posts. However if you make 250 awesome orginal posts;-) to Tsu in a month then your feed will go back 1 month…. thats how it works

So how do i find old missing Tsu Social Posts?

Well it is not easy. If you have optimized your content to be as seo friendly as possible then there is a chance that Google Search will pick it up and you can find them that way.


Alternatively, maybe someone shares your content to their profile and they are not very active. So although it vanishes from your feed if the sharer has less than 250 posts on their feed then the content will appear on that members feed.

This is the reason i believe why sometimes you you get a notification and you go check and you see that someone left a comment on a post  you created months ago, the member commenting has found that Tsu content on a profile where it has not fallen off.

and finally, this is the best way to find your content……

But you are going to have to share this article if you want the answer 😉



Hope this helps, if you have any questions then just comment them below or drop me a message on Tsu the paying social site.

Regards DexterRoona

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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