Grow your downline with a Tsu Splash Page

How to grow your downline with a Tsu splash page

How to grow your Tsu Downline with Tsu Made Easy

If you are a Tsu member and you are struggling to get sign ups or as Tsu calls them children then you are going to find this article very interesting.

When someone visits your short code they see a sign up page that doesn’t really say much about Tsu or why the visitor should join you on Tsu or your profile, again this doesn’t really explain that Tsu is a social site that rewards content creators and gives fair value for the views that your content receives.

The Tsu page that the visitor sees depends on your privacy setting within Tsu. Seeing the profile page is the better option of the two because it means that if someone finds a post link to a piece of Tsu content that they find interesting they will see the content and not a sign up page. I find that people tend not to join sites when presented with a sign up page rather than the content they are clicking to see, it is kind of holding them to ransom.

So for me it is clearly best to allow visitors to see your profile and posts. For details on how to do this please refer to my Ultimate Guide To Tsu

Unfortunately showing your profile may still not be enough to convert the visitor to a new Tsu Child because there is still no real information on what Tsu is , how Tsu works or what it is all about..

So to really get a better conversion or sign up rate to Tsu you really need to create yourself a Tsu Splash page or a capture page. This is very easy to do but time consuming and once created it is very difficult to get your page seen… but i have the solution ­čśë Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Top 10 Members To Follow

tsu top 10 members

The Tsu Top 10 Members are Taken From The Tsu Top 100 Members To Follow On Tsu

Top 100 Tsu Members To Follow (FORMERLY THE TOP 75), these are very active on Tsu. The Top 100 is not the Top 100 Members With The Most Followers or the top 100 celebrities. They are regular members just like you and me who have proven themselves as active and engaging on Tsu and many have been voted into the list by other members. Think of this as the peoples Tsu list.

I recommend that you follow everyone on the top 100

You can start by Following me Dexter Roona  Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Is Tsu A Serious Alternative To Facebook?

tsu alternative to facebook

Is Tsu Better Than Facebook?

Well all Tsu members will have their own opinion on this subject but for me, currently the answer is no. That’s not to say that it won’t be better, and that is why i am a strong supporter of Tsu because i see it as becoming a serious alternative to Facebook.

I don’t think you can consider Tsu as better than Facebook because Tsu is not the finished article, where as Facebook is.

Facebook just wins hands down on features. Remember Tsu is still an infant, and not even 1 year old yet, so there is a long way to go. But already in this first year Tsu is already a pretty impressive site and becoming a credible alternative to Facebook. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Social Payment Platform

Tsu The First Social Payment Platform Where Members Keep Ownership Of Their Content

What is Tsu?

Everyday millions and millions of social media users login to their accounts and create user generated content. Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social sites show targeted ads around the site content and are profiting from our activity.

There is only one person who is not profiting and that is the user himself. But things are changing with the Tsu Social Payment Platform.

Tsu monetizes user generated content in exactly the same way as Facebook and Twitter but the user creating the content retains ownership of the content that they produce.

tsu social payment platform

Here is what Tsu founder Sebastian Sobczak has to say about how social media sites monetize user generated content. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Music and Poetry Circle

tsu music and poetry circle

The Tsu Music and Poetry Circle is a new category in the Tsu Mention Club, geared toward musicians and those who write and share poetry. The Music and Poetry Circle will operate the same as the other Tsu Mention Club Circles but will consist of musicians and poets. The memberS listed below have opted in to this circle and are looking forward to connecting with other musicians and poets.

This is for musicians posting their own original content, radio shows dedicated to music, original poetry, etc. This is NOT for random YouTube music videos that you did not create.

You may also remain active in other Tsu Mention Club circles. Read the rest of this Tsu entry