Why the time is right to join Tsu Social

Why it's time to join Tsu Social - It's time for change

A couple of weeks ago Tsu users around the world woke up to the realisation that they could no longer share links to their Tsu content on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook had blocked and censored the Tsu domain and unsurprisingly the censorship continued on Instagram.

What do you do when Facebook blocks you, well not much. I have been reporting what has been happening since this unfair action was taken, along with Tsu’s very own Eileen Brown who writes for Zdnet made waves with a great article in support of the Tsu Social Network

Is Facebook afraid of social network rival Tsu?

Tsu has 4.2 million users, while Facebook has over 1.4 billion. Yet the social networking Goliath has apparently stopped allowing Tsu users to post items to Facebook and has removed all historical posts and links referring to the site.

On September 25, users of social network site Tsu discovered that they could no longer post items to Facebook or Instagram mentioning the URL “Tsu.co”. Tsu users and employees reported these blocks to Facebook and Instagram. Tsu users commented across the platform that there was an issue.

A few days later the Tsu api to Facebook was shut down. Error messages referred to the fact that the content was deemed to be malicious.

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Tsu HashTags Twitter Tip

Tsu hashtags Twitter Trick

How to automatically add Tsu Hashtags to your Twitter shares

Here is a really neat Tsu Social trick to get maximum benefit from the auto-shares you make to Twitter.

We touched on the importance of putting some personality into your auto-shares on yesterdays post “How To Promote Tsu With Twitter

Today we are going to talk about how it is important to add Tsu hashtags to your shares

Hashtags are basically just categories where content is grouped and when we tweet we really should have some tags to help get what we post seen. Hashtags are not so important if you have a big following on Twitter but if you don’t then adding trending tags puts you in amongst the cool kids. You can be easily found, even if you have as little as one follower, because with tags people are searching for what they like and if you pick the right trending tags they will find you. Members searching hashtags tend to be pretty active users because they have a pretty good understanding of how social media and Twitter works, so you need to be in front of them. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How to make your Tsu content go viral

What makes Tsu content go viral

What makes content go viral?

Look around the web and you will find marketers who are able to create viral content quickly and without little effort.

How do they do this? Everything they touch seems to turn to gold. What is their big secret? What do they know that we don’t?

Well the secret is being able to generate traffic. They are an authority in what they do and they have a following that can instantly propel them. This is why you need to build your Tsu followers and friends.

Let’s break down the types of content that can go viral

Types of content that goes viral

How to Create Tsu Content That Goes Viral

Now that we know the types of content that will get results on Tsu you need to start to write about these niches.

Positive uplifting content always gets shared. The world is not always a happy place and nor is social media. Tsu content that is positive and uplifting helps people get away from the negativity surrounding them, it is an escape

Practical Tsu content gives you that “Eureka Moment” …. that moment when something clicks and something is learned. It’s then useful to share and pay it forward to the next Tsuvian.

Emotional Tsu content activates a high-arousal emotion within members and compels them to engage. High arousal emotions can be either positive or negative (both types work) and we can break those down into, awe, anger, anxiety, fear, joy, lust, and surprise. The key is knowing how to trigger an emotional response.

How to create viral content on Tsu

7 Emotions That Will Help Your Content Go Viral On the Tsu Social Network

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How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed

How To Quickly Find Posts That Have Dropped Off The Tsu Social Feed

Tsu has a post number limit that it shows on your feed. Your feed shows 250 and as you add new content old content drops off your Tsu profile feed.

In this article i will show you how to quickly find and manage your posts from this day on, Tsu posts that have already dropped, well i can’t really help you with those, the only real way to find them is to hopefully find them on Google Search or to hope someone finds your posts on another members feed where they havn’t yet dropped, they then share and you can find the content from the resulting notification that you receive. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How the Tsu Algorithm works


So how does the Tsu Algorithm work?

What is it about algorithms that keeps them shrouded  in mystery. With the Google Search algorithm everyone spends there time trying to crack the code of success to get page one rankings, there are endless theory’s on the web on how it works, yet know one really knows 100% and the Tsu algorithm is really no different. If you ask Tsu do how it works they will tell you the bare bones because certain details on how the Tsu algorithm works are kept confidential. Read the rest of this Tsu entry