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Introducing the new and impoved Tsu Ranking System

Zachary Nemy @znemy and I have created a new Tsu Ranking System that NOW COMBINES both of our old ranking systems into one!

“The Tsu Ranking System covers how you can rank up in the tsu community through growing your Tsu Followers, your Tsu Network size, and now your Tsu Royalties!”

tsu ranking system

My current Tsu rank in accordance to this system is ECLIPSE..

My original Tsu Ranking System was created back in December. I then noticed that Zac had created something similar so we both decided to collaborate with each other.

We both had ranking systems but covered different aspects within Tsu. Mine covered the amount of followers and network size, and Zacs covered highest daily earnings, so we decided to join forces.

Now that we have combined both systems I feel the Tsu community can really have an understanding for what they can strive for and achieve through hitting the ranks, all while knowing whether or not they are earning a fair amount for their hard work on Tsu Social.

Notice: the Tsu Ranking System wasn’t created to make another user feel any less than one who ranks higher…it was created to simply inspire the growth of the Tsu Social Payment Platform and help those who are not in the higher ranks to learn and grow so they can achieve #tsuccess as well…

It also in my opinion that it is fun to push for a higher rank and set goals to achieve success within Tsu 😉

But please dont feel left out if you are at the bottom, just have fun with the system and engage and you will get results and rise up the Tsu Ranks:)

See you guys at the top 😉

Author Alexander Daniel


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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