Tsu Pro Tip – Share Buttons

It’s Tsu Pro Tip Time – How to get seen outside of Tsu and grow your network

Tsu is now no longer a closed community, meaning that our posts can be seen outside of Tsu and found on Google. So if you are serious about growing your Tsu Social downline then you really must start to share your content on other social networks

You are earning rewards for your content on Tsu but it is only members within Tsu that are seeing what you do and they are not going to join your network because they are already members.

Its a catch 22, a difficult dilemma, because on one hand you want views so you need to be on Tsu but on the other you also want to grow your Network so you need to be active outside on Tsu.

Tsu does help us by allowing us to auto share to Facebook and Twitter but we need to do much much more.

Before we get to the Pro Tip i want to touch on auto sharing on Facebook. Facebook is stripping out the link back to your post so anyone who see your content on Facebook can’t join with you, so i advise that you put in a line on your post before you publish that says something like, “if you are viewing via Facebook then here is your Private Invite to Tsu” and then add your invite link.

Tsu Pro Tip – Share Buttons

So Tsu gives us the option of sharing to 2 social sites, Facebook and Twitter, but that is not enough.

Take a look at this screen capture of my Tsu homepage

tsu made easy - tsu pro tip share buttons

Look at how many share options i have associated to my Google Chrome browser. I can literally just open my post and click through each share option one at a time, i have 17 or so services i can send my content off to in just a couple of mins, and you can even schedule the share on some of these services. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How To Build Your Tsu Social Engagement


I know from my own experience from using the Tsu Mention Club that a much bigger percentage of members are mentioning than are reciprocating the Tsu Social engagement they receive.

Tsu Mention Club Pro Tip

You need to mention people and when you are mentioned in other Tsu Members content you need to pay attention to the post your mentioned in, even if you just visit for to give a few likes, each small action adds up and is noticed by the Tsu Member posting you must show some Tsu Social Engagement with their content

My best advice is leave a comment, start a conversation and build a relationship of reciprocity

Here is an example of the Tsu Mention Club not working

Read the rest of this Tsu entry