Tsu Posting Limits keep me creative, motivated and inspired

Tsu posting limits create a very powerful social media experience if you take posting limits with a positive mindset. They allow you to grow as a Tsu user because they push you towards creating quality content.

When Tsuvians see posting limits as an opportunity they create inspiring, motivating and creative content, they also will get much better at creating original content while working with posting limits.

Tsu Social Network Site Limits

So, when you START thinking POSITIVE about the Tsu Posting Limits you start to see and use Tsu in a very different way, it becomes a different social media experience and also a different social media journey.

You have a limit of 45 posts daily, that means you can get your message out there 45 times MAX.  You want your content to get as many views as it can but how do you achieve this? Tsu limits are the answer.

For me, there is only 1 way to get results and that is by GETTING BETTER AT CREATING ORIGINAL CONTENT THAT HAS VALUE. If you are not  posting, inspirational, motivational and  creative content then what makes your Tsu profile stand out, what makes it interesting?

Tsu posting limits are definitely not there to CUT the possibilities of getting higher earnings on the Tsu Social Payment Platform


When you understand why we have limits on Tsu, you start creating more diverse original content which leads to much better results..

Tsu Limits + Your Mindset = The Key To Original Content And The Key To Better Results

The way Tsu works is very unique. The more i think about the Tsu Social Network the more excited i get about this platform. Tsu made me change the way i was using Social Media.

I realised early on that Tsu posting limits were not a limitation on my ability to create, Tsu was a quality network for original content creation.. My realisation was a big AHA MOMENT

Tsu Social Network Aha Moment

TSU-Founder Sebastian Sobczak is changing how we use social media. He has built the first Social Media Platform that shares 90% of the Ad-Revenue with it’s members. When you finally realize what is possible with TSU you will realize how different your TSU Content is compared to your content on other social networks.

If you need any support on TSU – Let me know, and we will find a way to help you..

Greetings from Germany

Roman Rams  @AffiliatePro – Social Media Management

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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