TSU YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK FOR Corporate Social Responsibility

Tsū and its value for businesses – the new leading Corporate Social Responsibility social engine celebrates the first 12 months

There are tons of guides and opinion pieces advising you and asking you “Which social media platform you should pick for your business? Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest.  But there is one innovative new platform that is missing from a very long list and that network is called Tsū Social

The majority of brands shouldn’t be asking ‘which?’ but focusing on ‘how.’ Depending on the company business it makes sense not to focus on just one platform to reach different target groups and different markets, especially for new companies (but also if you are in charge of a known brand’s communications strategy). No matter which country you are based – do not choose one social platform over another.

Find out what platform is the best to reach your relevant target groups.

So again, nowadays where social media plays a crucial role in all communications efforts of businesses a key question is what network should you use use for which target. Roughly summarized the “traditional” social players are relevant for the following:

  • Facebook – marketing, recruitment
  • LinkedIn – recruitment, sales
  • Twitter – sales, marketing
  • Instagram – branding

This means most companies should use the platforms above – BUT if you really want your customers to keep coming back, you also need to let them know that their money will be doing some good.

While now many businesses recognize the importance of being socially and environmentally conscious, they at least advertise some of their charitable initiatives, such as pro bono projects they handle or annual fundraisers for a cause.

But this is all short-term and mainly a reaction to market and what competition is doing. Companies that incorporate social responsibility into their business model prove a sustainable and long-term dedication to these initiatives, both for the cause and their reputation.

This is why they should consider the use of Tsū!

Corporate Social Responsibility, why Tsū?

Tsu has one of the most unique audiences in the social media world: men and women with a high affinity for charity across all ages, a perfect match for your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Tsu Facts – Did You Know?

  • There are over 50 certified charities have their own profiles in tsū
  • Tsū members can donate their earnings they gain from their content views and pay it forward directly to these charities.
  • Charity: Water signed up to use Tsū and raised $18,000 in two weeks thanks to a push from the Tsū community The money went toward building three wells in Ethiopia.
  • The majority of Tsū members are donating a percentage of their earnings.

Tsū is less than one year old but the development is faster compared to the starting phase of Facebook. The business model to reward users for their own content is proving to be successful.

So why are organisations waiting to join?

Who knows, but soon there will be a lot of case studies of successful CSR campaigns that will be published on the web.

Author Uwe Lang


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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