When we share content on Tsu we often mention a few close friends who like what we do and the type of content we create. We know they will visit to see what we are doing and help us get seen and don’t mind being mentioned.

But what if there was a bigger group of members who were willing to be be mentioned in posts in exchange for them being able to mention you occasionally on their creations. What do you think your results would be?

Tsu Mention Club Circles – Here is how it works

  1. Create good original content (no Google Images) adding name of Tsu Mention Club Circle you are using at the front or the end of the post title.
  2. Add a text snippet at the end saying  something like ” if you would like to be involved with our Tsu Mention Club Club then go to http://tsumadeeasy.infobunny.com/tsu-mention-club
  3. Mention no more than 10 members from the list as a comment on the post.
  4. Wait for comments to your content.
  5. Mention 10 more (spread the mentions out over the day – 10 mentions per hour) and wait for engagement.
  6. Reciprocate the engagement you get.
  7. Tell members about the Mention Club Circles because the more members that opt in the better this works. 

Word Of Warning

No doubt some will try to abuse what we are doing by just grabbing the Mention Club members and using them, so just make sure that who ever is mentioning you is participating in the Tsu Mention Club, if you don’t know them and they are not in the list then they are looking for a free ride.

Here are the Circles we have so far

New Member Shou-out circle

Tsu Charity Circle

Tsu Challenges Circle

Tsu Art and Photography


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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