Reciprocity – One solution for growing our TSŪ community

tsu reciprocity give and you will recieve - the art of social media

The Art of TSŪ Reciprocity 

I joined the TSŪ platform just recently (almost a month) and I absolutely love what I see. 🙂
This is the first time that I have really become involved in depth with a social media since becoming a computer geek,the 486 being my first computer.
I have a Facebook,Twitter, Google Plus,Instagram…the list goes on and we probably would agree that most of us have these social venues.
I have even joined many forums within my varied passions but would lose interest as I found out we were all out searching for that one thing-looking out for number 1.
So what is the difference with a TSŪ and all the other social media sites? Well I think the obvious is being compensated and rewarded for posting content…while that might be the initial draw and a mighty strong one at that I am personally finding more and more a real sense of community.
I for one am amazed that within in a very short span of time I have connected with some pretty incredible people artists, photographers,gif extraordinaires, media nuts, Poets…you get the picture.
I also love how the thought leaders of TSŪ are constantly putting out great content in the the from of instructional “How to win friends and influence people”…(A Dale Carnegie book is more then likely at there bedside table).
We are all familiar with the terms like “I scratch your back you scratch mine”,”it’s give and take”or quoting scripture “you reap what you sow”.
So I want to offer my thoughts on growing the community through The Art of Reciprocity  Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Your originality and interactions on TSU matter

How to succeed on TSU?

TSU is a community where people socialize and share their valuable original creations,  pictures, stories, feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Let’s keep TSU a safe and friendly place while promoting original content and authentic engagement.

Try to create your own original content, by posting some interesting creation or editing some photos or creating some quotes on photos.


How do you get success on Tsu…. post original authentic content. This will bring you more Likes, Comments and Shares.

Just stay focused on posting quality content and interacting with other users. You will be noticed, followed and friended by like minded people and your network will grow.

Of course, that means more fun and friends. But also more shares, likes and comments, bigger traffic on your wall and money will come. No need to force it. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Getting Started On Tsū

Top 10 Tips When Getting Started On Tsū

First things first… Upload a PROFILE PICTURE and COVER PHOTO.
I can’t speak for everybody, but I know that I am very picky with whom I accept as a friend. If you don’t have a picture, then how are we going to know who you are? A cover photo is also a great way to show people who you are, what you do, or what you’re interested in.

Get to know your limits.

  • You can have a total of 5,000 FRIENDS
  • You can FOLLOW 1,000 people
  • You can LIKE 1,000 times per 24 hours
  • You can COMMENT 1,000 times per 24 hours
  • You can FOLLOW 500 times per 24 hours
  • You can have 50 outstanding FRIEND REQUESTS at a time
  • You can POST 40 times per 24 hours
  • You can SHARE 12 times per 24 hours
  • You can MENTION (@username) 10 people per post/comment
  • You can HASHTAG (#hashtag) 10 tags per post/comment
    Read the Tsū FAQ’s Here

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