The Tsu Top 75 List – Why It’s Useful To Newcomers

Tsu Top 75 the alternative to the Tsu Discover Users List

The Tsu Top 75 and why its a useful tool for newcomers. The Alternative Tsu Discover Users List

The Tsu Top 75 list, started by Dexter Roona, is a list of the top Tsu users, as well as verified members, Tsu staff, and active Tsu charities.

It originally started out as the top 50 list, but as more and more users joined, the list was expanded. It now includes a ‘Ones To Watch’ section for the users that didn’t quite make the list but are definitely worth checking out.

The Top 75 list is voted for by other members. Members can nominate others that they feel deserve to be added, then if their quality is deemed high enough, they (hopefully!) enter the list.

I’m on there. At time of writing I was number 66. I was a ‘One To Watch’ for several months, before being  promoted to the list itself. But even before I was on the list, I was using it regularly to see which members I should be following, who was engaging on the nomination posts, and in turn discovering fantastic new users and developing some amazing new friendships along the way. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

TSU YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK FOR Corporate Social Responsibility

Tsū and its value for businesses – the new leading Corporate Social Responsibility social engine celebrates the first 12 months

There are tons of guides and opinion pieces advising you and asking you “Which social media platform you should pick for your business? Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest.  But there is one innovative new platform that is missing from a very long list and that network is called Tsū Social

The majority of brands shouldn’t be asking ‘which?’ but focusing on ‘how.’ Depending on the company business it makes sense not to focus on just one platform to reach different target groups and different markets, especially for new companies (but also if you are in charge of a known brand’s communications strategy). No matter which country you are based – do not choose one social platform over another.

Find out what platform is the best to reach your relevant target groups. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Ranking System

the beers are on tsu

Introducing the new and impoved Tsu Ranking System

Zachary Nemy @znemy and I have created a new Tsu Ranking System that NOW COMBINES both of our old ranking systems into one!

“The Tsu Ranking System covers how you can rank up in the tsu community through growing your Tsu Followers, your Tsu Network size, and now your Tsu Royalties!”

tsu ranking system

Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Original Content: What It Is And How To Create It

What Is Original Content

Original Content for the internet is something created by you and only associated with your name. This can be photography, art, written words, and many other things – as long as you are the original content creator.

What Original content is NOT is something you have found on a Google Image search, something you thought was pretty and downloaded it, then uploaded it to social media. If you have ever done this you have violated copyright laws, and have violated Tsu TOS.

This is no different that walking into a store, seeing something you like and want to show your friends, and walking out without paying for it. You would expect to be arrested for stealing property that was not your own. It is no different than stealing photos or articles. You are taking from a photographer or artist or writer and making Tsu rewards from their work when you add the content to Tsu. There are no two way around it; this is illegal.

TSU SOCIAL - How To Create Tsu Original Content

Recently the Director of Tsu Community Support clarified what was allowed on Tsu and what was not. Images from Pixabay, for instance, are allowed, as they are free for personal and commercial use, with no attribution required; this is a CC0 Public Domain image. That means you can post  them. But don’t expect to win friends or followers for posting content that is not your own. And even with these free Pixabay images, you CANNOT call them original content. That would be a false and misleading statement and you would risk action by the original photographer. “No Attribution” means you do not have to list the photographer, but you also cannot pretend to be the photographer. Despite these images being “okay” with Tsu, I still suggest linking to them instead of downloading and uploading. It is always best to be honest about what you are posting. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu The Paying Alternative


Tsu The Paying Alternative To Facebook And Twitter

Tsu is a social media platform that started October 2014.  Tsu works in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter.   You can post your photos, add text, share your videos, and add links to interesting content on other sites, it is a great way to share content.

A key feature that makes Tsu stand out from other social sites like Facebook and Twitter is that Tsu shares it’s ad revenue with it’s users, so the more you use Tsu the more you are rewarded. 

It’s  just pennies at first but grows as you develop a network of friends and followers. 

When your rewards reach $100 you can redeem them and receive a check if you are in the Usa or be paid via Paypal for the rest of the world. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How To Use Tsū The S.M.A.R.T. Way

Simple Tips To Use Tsū The S.M.A.R.T. Way

How to use Tsu the smart way - S-M-A-R-T
What activities should you be focused on most when it comes to building your Tsu profile and presence?

I feel that your account online should be an extension of your life in the real world. It should be pretty easy and straightforward to figure out what kind of content to post but if you’re finding it difficult remember these tips:

What keeps people coming back and using a platform is if it’s Simple and easy to understand. The first thing I do when logging on is go to my notifications and scan to see all the people mentioning me specifically. I check those Tsū members and anybody who sent me a direct message first. Next I look at everybody who has shared my posts or left a comment so that I can interact with them and keep the conversations flowing.

We’re living in a very noisy world and sometimes it can be hard to stand out from that noise and get your content seen… Contributing value to the platform rather than noise will get your content shared more and seen by more people! Read the rest of this Tsu entry