Tsu hashtags Twitter Trick

How to automatically add Tsu Hashtags to your Twitter shares

Here is a really neat Tsu Social trick to get maximum benefit from the auto-shares you make to Twitter.

We touched on the importance of putting some personality into your auto-shares on yesterdays post “How To Promote Tsu With Twitter

Today we are going to talk about how it is important to add Tsu hashtags to your shares

Hashtags are basically just categories where content is grouped and when we tweet we really should have some tags to help get what we post seen. Hashtags are not so important if you have a big following on Twitter but if you don’t then adding trending tags puts you in amongst the cool kids. You can be easily found, even if you have as little as one follower, because with tags people are searching for what they like and if you pick the right trending tags they will find you. Members searching hashtags tend to be pretty active users because they have a pretty good understanding of how social media and Twitter works, so you need to be in front of them.

When we auto-share from Tsu the tweet text is taken from the first line of text from the body of your post. So what we need to do is add our Tsu hashtags to the first line of the  post so that your share to twitter has the Tsu tags.

Think of the first line of your Tsu post as the tweet you want to make on Twitter, so you add your call to action, then your Tsu Hashtags and then you can add the remainder of your content.

The call to action or tweet text on Tsu is basically a sub-heading, so if you do this correctly will look natural on both Tsu and Twitter.

Tsu hashtags

and here is how the post above looks on my Twitter profile.

Tsu hashtags Trick how it looks on Twitter

Things to consider 

Your Tweets can be a maximum of 140 character and the when you share the link back to Tsu uses some of the allocation.

If have uploaded a picture to the content you are sharing from Tsu then the image is carried over to Twitter but the image link also uses the character allocation so your call to action message needs to be brief or you wont have space for your Tsu hashtags.

You also need to consider the image size. The best size for Twitter is 1024×512. If your image is square it will be cropped and will need to be clicked to open full size, that may have a negative effect.

That’s all for now, i hope this article proves to be helpful and don’t forget to tag me in on any posts where you apply this strategy.

Regards Dexter

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