tsu groups - creating a tsu group

Here are some useful tips to make sure that your Tsu group is a success.

Give your Tsu Group a great keyword based name

First up you need a good keyword related name. The keywords will be used in the group url and this will really improve your groups seo, this is very important to get your Tsu Group seen outside of Tsu. So add a really good descriptive group title.

Do a little research If you were searching for your group on Google then which search terms would you use? Google these words and your find your competition.

Your header image matters

You need something visually appealing for your Tsu Group. There are a whole host of sites that offer free to use images like Pixabay, because remember we can’t use copywrite images

Choose your Tsu Group Admins wisely

Your going to get spammers in your group that’s a fact so you really need some good admins to help you moderate your group. You really should try to add some moderators to cover the different time zones so that when your asleep someone else can remove the spam while you sleep.

If someone does spam i would suggest that you try to work with the member to find out why they have  spammed the group, it could be just that the member is not experience or there could be a language barrier. Try not to just block.

Your Tsu Group Charity/Non Profit

Try to select a a charity for your group that fits into your Tsu Group theme. If your group is about Cats and Dogs then perhaps select an Animal Charity. If your Tsu Group is about social issues then maybe select a Non Profit like the Lighthouse Foundation

Hope these quick tips help, enjoy Tsu Groups

Regards Dexter

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