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Tsu doesn’t pay us for posting Google Images ….. just don’t do it, don’t fall into this trap. Google images are more than likely copyright images so it is against the terms to post them and receive royalties.

You more than likely won’t get in trouble for using them, but when it comes to payment time your account will be checked and your Tsu payment won’t get paid and you will have spent 2,3,4 months wasting your time.

Instead create your own content, use images that you are allowed to use, Pixabay is a great source of Free Images.

Make sure you link back and give credit, always add some text to your post, make members want to engage with you.


If you sit there and post 30 sunsets, yeah your get lots of likes comments and shares on Tsu but you won’t get your Tsu royalties paid, instead when the sun sets take your smart phone out and capture your own unique content and then tell us where you were, what you were doing, bring us into your world …… get creative!
hope this helps

Check out What not to do on Tsu, a great post that explains the etiquette behind liking and commenting on posts.

Pixabay Sunset Image

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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