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Getting to know our numerous Charities here on Tsu and the people who are responsible for bringing them to life has been one of my favorite aspects of the Tsu Experience. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Khac-Quan Nguyen, Founder/Executive Director -USA, of the wonderful @VietDreams Charity.
Q) Who founded Viet Dreams Charity?
A) Here is more about me and other team members

Q) How long has Viet Dreams been in action outside of Tsu, and when did you bring the charity on board here?
A) We have been around outside Tsu for 5 years now, we are very active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We started to join Tsu about 5 months ago.

Q) Please tell us what inspired you to create this particular charity and what is your mission?
A) The charity was founded by me, Khac-Quan Nguyen. I volunteered for different charities in the past but then 5 years ago, after seeing all the needs, dos and don’ts from all charities, I came up with the ideas and founded Viet Dreams. I used to travel and perform with my violin around the world , particularly Vietnam, where I grew up, and saw a lot of kids getting unclean water from different sources for school, works and daily usage. Charity Water was also my inspiration. The first thing came to my mind was that, water is one of the main resources for any human being to live to survive daily, if that source is not clean and healthy, then school, playground, scholarship, medical, and happiness are nothing. So we would like to concentrate on this first instead of giving out scholarship or rice. But saying that didn’t mean we won’t provide these items, they are will be next on the list.
So far, we have installed more than 100 machines at 7 different provinces in Vietnam for orphanages and schools
Here is the link to our mission:

Q) I understand that 100% of each dollar donated goes to your projects. Please tell us about your various projects in the past as well as projects you are undertaking right now.
A) We use 100% of donation money toward the projects, since we all work for $0, no salary, no office rental. Most of money for promotion are from selling art works, CDs, Mugs, T shirt…
As mentioned, we have been work to install these at more than 100 systems at 7 different provinces in Vietnam. We really concentrate and only want to install at orphanages, kindergartens and elementary at this moment, since these kids are at their early stage of life, and anything that not safe will affect their live in a long term. In addition, we also like to educate these kids to make sure they will have a good habit of using clean water for the rest of their lives. At this moment, we are expanding our mission to offering Free Eye Cataract Surgeries to elders from remote areas. This has started since Jan-2015 and we did it every 2 months, total up to date is 400 patients.
Please see more projects here

Tsu Social Charity Watch Viet Deams Fund for 2nd TSU Charity water system

Fund for 2nd TSU Charity water system

Q) How would you say the Tsu users are responding with donations as compared to other social media sites?
A) I have to say TSU communities somehow is one of the best on donation and slowly ( at least in the last 5 months) it become a charity oriented society where people use their monetization and pay it forward to different charities. AA) Here is how you can help us, donate here
Or purchase our items at : all made, created or provided from our members
http://vietdreams.org/store you can see, not long ago, they were able to raise $700 for Viet Dreams and one of our donor matched it to make a $1400 system.

Q) Outside of Tsu, where else can we donate funds to your charity? (website)

A) Here is how you can help us, donate here
Or purchase our items at : all made, created or provided from our members

Q) Is there anything else you would like to add or remind the Tsu Community about your charity?
A) – We would love to see more recurring donation, more often, even small amount, which would help us a lot. Since right now, we don’t have much recurring donations outside of TSU too, all we do is having 1 raising event a year.
– We would love to see more engagement, followers, and comments, suggestions from TSU users on our page and posts.
– Right now TSU community is raising for our second system together.  Thank you.  

by Marcy Wasserman

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