Spotlight on… Paw Promise Animal Rescue @PawPromiseRescue

It has been sheer joy zooming my way around Tsu speaking with the founders, staff, representatives and/or contacts for the numerous Tsu Charities. With the inherent motivation of bringing awareness and exposure to you, the The Tsu Universe, allow me to divulge the next featured charity, another fine example of compassion.

Each cause… warrants applause… I sink in my claws… to a nice chat with “Paws”.

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Q) To start off with a bit of background, where is Paw Promise Animal Rescue located? 

A) We are an Arizona foster based rescue, we have foster homes in Phoenix, Peoria, Sun City, and surrounding areas.
Q) We are very much thrilled to see your presence on Tsu! When did you bring the charity on board?
A) We have had our account for 7 months (wow)! We found almost immediate support, but we really gained a following after becoming verified.
Q) What is your specific mission?
A) Our mission is to save abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in Arizona. We are an all breed rescue, simply meaning we do not show prejudice against any dog (we’ve saved pit bulls, chihuahua’s and everything in between). My partner rescue (the one who first started Paw Promise), came up with a catch phrase I love: “Paw Promise Animal Rescue is strongly dedicated to helping improve human lives, one pet at a time.”
Q) Please tell us about some of the events that Paw Promise holds.
A) We do adoption weekends out of a PetSmart store with one of the other rescues we partner with. And sometime soon we hope to be doing adoptions out of another PetSmart store ourselves! Which gives us 2 locations on separate sides of the valley, which means a bigger pool of potential adopters! We also go to some big special adoption events held by other companies/corps/etc. We’ve participated in a Halloween adoption event, which was fun and we got to dress all the dogs up!
Q) Is your charity also being promoted on other social media sites, and if so, how would you say the Tsu users are responding with donations as compared to other social media sites?
A) We have accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, on top of our own website.

Facebook is a really good platform to get emergency donations if something unexpected happens. When one of our puppies blew her spay stitches it ended up costing us over $2,000. We posted for help on Facebook and had many people donate (as little as $5 and as much as $200 – and everything helped and was appreciated)! TSU is good to have consistent donations drizzle in for us to save in the bank and use on a rainy day or buy needed items.
Q) In addition to donations, what are some of the other ways we can become involved with your charity, and can you provide us with your website?
A) On top of funds, fosters are the most important of our rescue. Without fosters, we couldn’t save any animals no matter how many donations we got. Because we don’t have a physical location to house animals, we NEED fosters to run. We’ve tried a couple of times to find fosters here, but no luck, YET! 🙂

Our website is
Anyone could also help by keeping us alerted to any new fundraising platforms (like Frys and Albertson Community Rewards, Amazon Smile, etc).
Q) Is there anything else you would like to add or remind the Tsu Community about your charity?
A) We are 100% no kill, which some rescues in our area claim to be but aren’t. We put everything we have in an animal no matter how much it costs and how long it takes to adopt them out. The longer we have an animal, the more our funds are drained, but we don’t give up! We believe there is a home out there for EVERY dog and cat, it’s just a matter of being patient and finding them! 🙂

Paw Promise Rescue First Tsu Royalty Payment

We received our first check!!!!! #ThankYouTsu !!!!! They combined our first 2 redemptions, which is very efficient! 🙂 This check helps cover what we have spent on Damsel so far (that’s her foot in the photo). Thank you everyone for all the support you have shown us! We look forward to many more redemptions and lives saved with you! 🙂

I’m barking out a BIG Thank You to @PawPromiseRescue for taking the time to speak with us about the rescue, fostering and adoption of homeless animals.  We wish you continued success and support!

Author Marcy Wasserman

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