Tsu Charity Watch – Paw Promise Animal Rescue

Spotlight on… Paw Promise Animal Rescue @PawPromiseRescue

It has been sheer joy zooming my way around Tsu speaking with the founders, staff, representatives and/or contacts for the numerous Tsu Charities. With the inherent motivation of bringing awareness and exposure to you, the The Tsu Universe, allow me to divulge the next featured charity, another fine example of compassion.

Each cause… warrants applause… I sink in my claws… to a nice chat with “Paws”.

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Tsu Charity Watch – Lighthouse Foundation

Tsu Charity Spotlight – Lighthouse Foundation  @lighthousecitycenter  

One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences on Tsu is the opportunity to give back to our expanding community of charities.  

We often call this familiar action by an array of names: Paying it Forward, Random Acts of Kindness, Small Multiple Acts of Love (#SMAL)… Any way you slice it, it has become inherently synonymous with being a “Tsuvian”, and this is a train with many worldly passengers eagerly buying tickets to jump on board.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with @Tsulander and his lovely wife @rubyberhitu regarding one of our Super Verified Tsu Charities, the Lighthouse Foundation @lighhousecitycenter

@Tsulander and his lovely wife @rubyberhitu  - Lighthouse Foundation

Vinz @Tsulander and his lovely wife Ruby Berhitu @rubyberhitu – Lighthouse Foundation

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Tsu Charity Watch – Music For Autism

Spotlight on – Music For Autism @Music4Autism

tsu charity watch - music for autism

As a teacher who has had the honor, privilege and pleasure to work with numerous children on the Autism Spectrum, I was ecstatic to see @Music4Autism jump onto the Tsu Platform and join in with the rest of the unbelievable charities we are so fortunate to support here in Tsu.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to @tsupermom (Nancy Burrows) for directing me on my path to speak with both Laura Lazar who runs the @Music4Autism page and the Founder of Music For Autism in the US, Dr. Robert Accordino.
Q) Dr. Accordino, when did you establish Music for Autism and what prompted you to create this particular charity?
I became involved with our UK sister organization when I was a graduate student in the UK. When I returned to the US to commence medical school, I was moved by the number of family narratives of those impacted by autism feeling so shut out of public events and the impact this had on their quality of life. I hoped to create something similar to what we had in the UK to make music accessible to this population to enhance the entire family’s quality of life.

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Tsu Charity Watch – African Wildlife Foundation

tsu charity watch awf afican wildlife foundation

Spotlight on Charity – African Wildlife Foundation @AWF_Official 

by @marcywasserman

Making a huge imprint in the Tsu Community is the one and only African Wildlife Foundation. Recently, I had the chance to speak to them about their excellent organization, and although fairly new, they are already thrilled to be here on Tsu.  Check out their Tsu page @AWF_Official.

Q) When was the African Wildlife Foundation established and by whom (in terms of founders/staff)

A) The African Wildlife Leadership Foundation (AWLF) was legally established on March 20, 1961. This is the conservation organization that would become African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) in 1983. The founders of AWLF included WWII veteran James Bugg former World Wildlife Fund chairman Russell Train, and Kermit Roosevelt, the son of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. AWLF provided scholarships to Africans interested in conservation and established a wildlife management training college on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania.

wildlife doesn't understand park boarders

For much of the year, animals travel from park to park, and even country to country, following migration routes, searching for food, and seeking calving grounds. Protecting the corridors of land used for travel is a crucial component of successful conservation

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Tsu Charity Watch – Spotlight on Viet Dreams

Tsu Charity Viet Dreams

Spotlight on Viet Dreams Charity @VietDreams                                

Getting to know our numerous Charities here on Tsu and the people who are responsible for bringing them to life has been one of my favorite aspects of the Tsu Experience. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Khac-Quan Nguyen, Founder/Executive Director -USA, of the wonderful @VietDreams Charity.
Q) Who founded Viet Dreams Charity?
A) Here is more about me and other team members
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