Tsu Charity Spotlight – Lighthouse Foundation  @lighthousecitycenter  

One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences on Tsu is the opportunity to give back to our expanding community of charities.  

We often call this familiar action by an array of names: Paying it Forward, Random Acts of Kindness, Small Multiple Acts of Love (#SMAL)… Any way you slice it, it has become inherently synonymous with being a “Tsuvian”, and this is a train with many worldly passengers eagerly buying tickets to jump on board.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with @Tsulander and his lovely wife @rubyberhitu regarding one of our Super Verified Tsu Charities, the Lighthouse Foundation @lighhousecitycenter

@Tsulander and his lovely wife @rubyberhitu  - Lighthouse Foundation

Vinz @Tsulander and his lovely wife Ruby Berhitu @rubyberhitu – Lighthouse Foundation

Here is what Vinz and Ruby had to say

Q) Are you the originator of Lighthouse Foundation?
A) Yes, my wife @rubyberhitu and I are the founders of the Lighthouse Foundation and the Lighthouse City Center

Lighthouse Foundation Tsu Homepage

Verified Tsu Charity Lighthouse Foundations Homepage 


Q) How long has it been in action outside of Tsu, and when did you bring your  charity on-board here?
A) The Lighthouse Foundation is founded on the 14th of august 2012 and we are from 31th of march 2015 on Tsu.


Q) We would love to know what inspired you to create this particular charity and what is your mission?
A) The unconditional love of God for humanity inspired us to start this charity. After years of volunteers work we saw that the professionals treated people in need as numbers.
We visited a lot of people at home and we saw the true story behind the door. Our government denies that the numbers of people in need are higher than we think and know and does nothing.
From this point of view we started the Foundation and our mission is: Help everyone in need


Q) Where did the name “Lighthouse” come from?
A) The name Lighthouse comes from the mention of Jesus Christ: You are the light of the world.
So we let our light shine before men, that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.


Q) Please elaborate on your latest Minivan Endeavor. I’ve seen some awesome posts on Tsu promoting this!
A) Project #1500VanClub is to realize a secondhand van from $ 1,500.00.
From Monday till Saturday we have to pick up groceries at the sponsoring supermarkets to supply 50-60 families and we ride at this moment
with the cars from our volunteers. The cars and the caddy we use are to small for the groceries we get every day.


Q) Is your charity also being promoted on other sites, and if so, how would you say the Tsu users are responding with donations as compared to other social media sites?
A) Our charity is also on FB and Twitter, we get a lot of support from people who follow us in our network, but Tsu is totally different. People from all over the world are supporting and donating through Tsu and
that is so amazing. We never had so many support as now. With the great support of the #TsuNation we can do so much more.


Q) Outside of Tsu, where else can we donate funds to your charity?
A) Outside Tsu, people can donate funds with Paypal. Our website is under construction and end of August the website is available in different languages.


Q) Is there anything else you would like to add or remind Tsuvians about your charity?
A) Every donation big or small makes a great impact in someone’s life.
All small things together makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.


I thank you both, @TsuLander and @rubyberhitu, for providing us with a glimpse into the wonderful things you are accomplishing with your charity.

If you would like to donate your Tsu Earnings to the Lighthouse Foundation then you can visit their profile here @lighthousecitycenter 

If you would like to make a contribution outside of tsu then you can send your payment via Paypal here Lighthouse Foundation Direct Payment

and the email address of the Lighthouse Foundation Paypal is: Paypal Email Address

Author Marcy Wasserman

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