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So the Tsu Social Network V3.0, what’s it all about?

(We are in the process of updating this guide to incorporate all the Tsu V3.0 changes)

Tsu Social is a very unique social networking site that supports and rewards unique content creation.

When you place an image on Facebook or compose an engaging Tweet on Twitter you hand your content over to that social platform and any revenue that your content creates is taken by the site. The Tsu Social Network is very different because the Tsu Social Payment Platform shares 90% of the advertising revenue that is generated site wide and gives it back to the members creating the content, that’s you and me!

It kind of works in the way that a radio station will pay a royalty for the use of music. Tsu pays for the use of content.

The Tsu Social Network rewards content creators, artists, musicians, actors, marketers, it rewards members who just like to be social and share their world with us.

Here is what Tsu CEO Sebastian SobCzak has to say about the Tsu Social Network.


With this Tsu v3.0 Guide i will be showing you how to get the most from Tsu. Here is what you will learn

This Tsu Ultimate Guide is written from a desktop computer view point. If you are using the Tsu App then the screens will be different along with some of the settings.

How to sign up to the Tsu Social Network

You can join Tsu direct from the home page of Tsu but it is a much better idea to join Tsu Social with a private invite link so that you join with a member, that member then has an interest in helping you get started.

Your member profile link is your invite link. If you own a Tsu Channel then the channel link is also a sign up link.

Here is my Tsu Private Invite, just give it a click and you will go to my Tsu Profile, the sign up link is top right of the page.

If you join Tsu via the app then you need a sponsors name to join, just add the username of the member who invited you into the invite box or if you don’t have one just add dexterroona

Tsu v3.0 the new sign up screen

All content within the site is open to non members but any attempt by the visitor to engage with the content will result in a sign up to Tsu prompt.

Tsu v3.0 the new sign up screen


Simply fill in your basic profile information on this page…. Please note you are also told the name of your Tsu Parent/sponsor (the member who invited you, the member you are joining with). If you are specifically invited by someone and the sponsor name is different to the invite link name then just type in the correct user id or if you prefer just clear your cookies and cache and refresh and the correct user id will be in the box.

You will be given 2 options when you join,

  1. Join and view content
  2. Join and complete your profile

i strongly advise that you choose option 2 and complete your profile.

Setting Up Your Tsu Social Network Profile

So after you have made your account it is time to get busy and create your Tsu Social Profile….. do not skip this step. If you want to grow your Tsu followers and get any kind of success on the Tsu Social Network then you must complete your profile.

The first step is to pull down on your Tsu Avatar, mine is the gold star yours will be a generic blue head. Pull down and select settings, you will see a page similar to the the screen capture below.

Setting up your Tsu Social Profile

This is your Tsu Profiles general settings page and is pretty self explanatory just fill in and complete the required fields and click update.

Once you have added your basic information click Profile and you will see the screen below. Upload a Tsu Profile Picture this is a crucial step, do not keep the default Blue Head avatar.

It is proven that users do not follow and friend Blue Head members or engage with them in the same way. If you add social channels to your profile (this is covered on the next screen) the you can select an avatar from another social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

tsu social profile information set up page

Upload a cover image, this is the large image that appears at the top of your profile page, again like the avatar we want to get away from the default image provided.

Fill in a short Bio to tell members a little about you and why your are on Tsu and work then your way through the rest of the options.

When you have filled out your profile information click on Social Accounts, here you can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social channels.

The Facebook section is interesting because you can add a profile and any number of Facebook pages that you own, you can add multiple pages but only connect one page or one profile. I just connect my profile but if you wanted to social share to different pages then you could connect the relevant Facebook page each time before you share.

Making Your First Tsu Social Post

Click on your Avatar top right of the page and select profile. Next to your Avatar there is a create button, click this button and a pop up window will appear

tsu social making your first post

Click on Add Title and give your post a title. Add some text into the body about the content you are creating. If you add a html link then a snippet of the content will appear along with an image from the source if there are any images. You also have the option of adding your own image that you can then edit with the Tsu Image Editor.

Tsu Social Image Editor Settings - Ultimate Tsu Guide

The Tsu Image Editor provides a whole host of options from adding text to adding a frame around the pic to adding some graphics to the picture, have a play with these options when you have time to see what you can create.

When you have finished creating your content you can then add your Facebook and Twitter Channels to syndicate to and select if you want your post to be public or just be shown to friends.

Just keep this setting to public and then click post…. refresh your screen and you have created your first piece of Tsu Content.

Friends and Followers, what’s the difference?

Friends are network members that see your content in their social feed and you see their content in your Tsu feed.

It’s a 2 way connection.

Following is a bit different. If you follow someone then you see their content on your Tsu feed but they don’t see yours unless they follow you back.

Following is a one way connection unless you get a follow back.

If you are friends with another member then there is no need to then also follow them as you already have a 2 way connection with them.

How you manage and use friends and followers depends on your Tsu strategy and that will evolve the longer you use Tsu.

When you start on Tsu you can follow a maximum of 1000 members, once you hit 1000 you are allowed to follow more as a % of the number of followers that you have, so the more followers you have the more you can follow.

Should You Follow Topics?

Tsu v3.0 Friends and Followers, what’s the difference - Tsu Topics Page

As well as following and friending members you can also  follow on Tsu Topics. When you do so you don’t follow the members contributing to the topic you simply opt into follow all the posts made in that topic, so if 10000 posts are created then 10000 hit your feed.

I as a rule do not follow any topics because i want to see the content from my friends and the members i follow. If i did follow topics then my feed would be flooded and the content from my friends and from the members i follow would be lost..


The exception to this rule is that if you do not follow lots of members and don’t have lots of friends and are only interested in seeing content from the topics

There are also Follow Buttons on Channels (member groups) in this instance when you click Follow you are joining the channel and not following and adding content to your feed.


Your Tsu Bank?

Your Tsu Bank is located under settings, so go to your profile click your avatar, pull down to settings and on the left you will see the Tsu Bank option, click and you will see a screen like my Tsu Bank below

Your Tsu Social Bank


The Tsu Bank Page shows you your daily rewards and your total rewards. When your Tsu Rewards are $100 or greater you can redeem them and have them sent to you via check or via Paypal..

Your Tsu Network and Children

When you invite someone to the Tsu Social Netrwork with your referral/affiliate link short code the member joining goes into your Network and they become your Child.

When your Child then invites his or her friends those new Tsu members become your child’s children and you become a grand parent and your Network grows into another level….. every time you sign a member or one of your children signs a member or your children’s children signs a member your Network grows because you are the creator of your Network

To navigate to your Network Page click your Tsu Avatar, then pull down to profile and select Family Tree and you will get a screen like the one below.

tsu social ultimate guide network and children

Your Tsu Family Tree shows you your Network Connections.

  • Your children total
  • Your New Children (Monthly Total)
  • Your Total Network
  • Your friends total
  • Your followers total

You can then click Descendance on any child listed and you will be show their family tree, anyone listed on this new page is also in your Network and a grandchild, you can then drill down on these members if you wish.

Why is the Tsu Descendance important?

It is important because it allows you to find and connect with the members in your network and help them get started and this is important because Tsu Social rewards it’s members for the original content that they produce and for the original content that their entire network produces…. Here is an article that i wrote that provides more information on your content is monetized and How the Tsu Social Payment Platform works

Understanding your Tsu Social Analytics page

Go to your Tsu Social Network profile and click your Avatar, navigate to your settings and then on the left you will see the link to the Analytics page click this link and you will see a page like mine below.

tsu social analytics page

The Analytics page shows you the following

  • friends total
  • followers total
  • your total views to your posts
  • your total likes to your posts
  • and the total comments to your posts

You can then switch between charts to see views, likes or comments

Tsu Social Network Discover Users Engine

The Discover Users Engine can be accessed via Profile > settings > Discover Users

You will then be presented with a screen like this one below

Tsu Social Discover Users Engine

The Tsu Social Discover User Engine shows verified members that Tsu deems to be worth following, a mixture of Celebrities, Models, Sports Stars. This is useful if you want to follow the lives of the rich and famous, but if you really want to connect to the real active Tsu Members then checkout the Tsu Top 75 Members To Follow

Tsu Social Verified Members

Verified members are members who have been given a verified tick. If a celebrity has a verified tick then they are who they say they are.

It is not just celebs and sports stars that can be verified, any member with a Verified Twitter or Facebook page can be verified and there are occasions where you can get verified without these as well, so it is possible for everyday members who are active contributors to also win a verified badge.

Tsu Social App

The Tsu App is a really good addition to Tsu and really does take Tsu Mobile, making it really easy to produce unique content. All the same functionality is provided via the app along with a really cool Gif Creator. You can download the App via Google Play or the itunes App Store.

tsu mobile app - Google Play

Tsu Posting Limits

Tsu sets limits on how many posts you can share per day, the number of comments you can make per day and the number of likes you can give. If your maxing out your comments and likes then slow down, less is very definitely more when it comes to Tsu Social. Here are the current Tsu Social posting limits.

15 shares per day (24 hours)

45 posts total per day (15 can be shares)

1000 likes per day

5000 friends

1000 follows (you can follow more as a percentage against your followers)

Unlimited children, grandchildren and followers

10 @mentions per post

10 #hashtags‬ per post

The Tsu Social Network day begins and ends at 8pm Eastern Time (Greenwich Mean Time)

Typing “like, nice, follow me etc.” is considered SPAM on tsu, and Asking for people to “share” your post is considered spam on Tsu.

Tsu Groups – COMING SOON

Tsu Groups have launched and are in 30 day Beta phase…. as soon as this new Tsu feature comes out of the beta phase we will update with a review of all the features on offer.

Tsu Groups are now monetized. Here is the breakdown of how you get paid

Monetization of Public Groups

25% = Owner

25% = Split Amongst all Non-Owner Admins

35% = Content-Creating Members

10% = tsu

5% = Designated Charity

(Percentages may change slightly as we gather data on groups’ usage.)

Tsu Payment Proof

And here is payment proof that Tsu Social does pay. This image is a Paypal Payment Proof showing a $200 payment

tsu payment proof

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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