Tsu Summer Seed Challenge

The Summer Seed Charity Challenge Introduction

i don’t really tend to set up challenges as they are a lot of work and members tend to fall away and lose interest. Despite this i am thinking of doing a Summer Seed Challenge.

Here is how it will work

I will be planting some Giant Sunflower seeds and then giving picture updates as they grow. All you have to do to take part is to plant some seeds and then make a post showing what your growing. You can grow flowers or vegetables, it is really up to you what you grow, but i suggest something fast growing with impact.

The challenge will run until Sept 1s,t i will then make a post listing the entries. Members can then vote on who has grown the most impressive plant. The top 3 will then be asked to nominate a Tsu charity of their choice and i will donate $1 to each nominated charity.

All i need to know now is are you interested in taking part in this challenge?
To follow this Tsu Challenge go to Tsu and checkout the challenge hash tag

We are using the tag #SummerSeedChallenge for this Tsu Social gardening challenge.

Tsu Social Summer Seed Challenge week 1 Pics


The sunflower is a large inflorescence, this means the flower head is actually made of many tiny flowers called florets. Central florets look like the center of a normal flower while the outer florets look like yellow petals and together they make up a “false flower”. This natural design helps insects and birds to easily see the sunflower and after pollination every little flower or floret produces a seed. For more sunflower facts CLICK HERE

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