Likes, Comments And Shares. What are they and why do we need them.

Tsu Likes, Comments And Shares. What are they and why do we need them.

Likes, comments and shares are different forms of social engagement within Tsu and other social sites. Tsu likes are really just an acknowledgement that you, well like what you see. Some Tsu members will tell you that likes have no value on Tsu at all but these members who say this are away with the fairies.

It is true that you are not financially rewarded for giving Tsu likes and the content creator is not rewarded for likes. The creator is credited the view when you arrive on their post and clicking like does not generate a second view to the content. So what’s the point of giving Likes on Tsu?

Tsu Likes – The Bigger Picture

Ok so you don’t get a financial reward for giving and receiving likes but there are much bigger reasons to click like than your Tsu rewards.

  1. When you click Like a notification goes to the the recipient
  2. A clickable link is added under the Likes pull down menu so others who visit can then click through to you
  3. Members often view the Like menu on popular posts and then follow these members because they are active.

The Truth About Tsu Likes, Comments and Shares - Like Menu

If you click the like count on a post as show in the screen capture above it will show all the members who have actively clicked like, these are active members;-)

Giving likes gives you the potential to get tons more engagement. You are leaving a calling card on a page and anyone who then visits can then find YOU.

Why Comments Are Important On Tsu

Comments are my favourite form of engagement on Tsu Social. They are your chance to give your thoughts, your ideas, for you to show an interest in the post topic and again to leave that calling card for others to follow you back to your page.

It is also rumoured that we do get paid for comments. Im not sure on this but it is possible, i have heard that we are credited views for any replies we get to comments we leave on other members posts so if we are engaging and people are replying to us then…..

Comments breed engagement, when a new person comments notifications are pinged out and this brings in members to read the new replies

Why Shares Are Important On Tsu

It’s all about your social reach…. let me give you an example

You create some original content with your smart phone, a sunset or beach scene. You have 10 followers and friends. That’s 20 potential members who can see your original content. Im one of those 10 friends and i share what you have created……. and i have 14000 followers.

That’s another 14000 members that can now potentially see your post if they are looking at my feed.

Some of my followers then also share the post that i have shared and before you know it your shares are going up your social reach has jumped from 20 members to 20000+, your likes and comments are going up and your now getting follows and friend requests and the views are going up and up.


Likes Comments and Shares, they are all important. It really depends on what you focus on Tsu. If you solely want views then it is all about shares, if it;s engagement and conversion then it’s all about comments, but one thing is for sure don’t let anyone tell you that Likes are worthless

Regards Dexter

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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