the collectors zone action figures, statues collectibles tsu group

The Collectors Zone is the first Action Figures, Toys, Statues and Collectibles Group to reward it’s members for participating in the group.

It’s simple just share your images and content and get rewarded fair value for the views that your content receives. Share pictures of your Marvel and Star Wars action figures, your Sideshow statues  and any related merchandise and get rewarded.

Social Media is changing for the better

For far to long sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken the images that you upload to their platform and monetised them for their gain, but it is very different on Tsu Social.

Tsu recognises that the images you upload and display are your content and not theirs and so they reward you, think of it like a royalty payment kind of like what a Radio Station would pay to a music artiste when they play their song.


1/ Click The Collectors Zone Banner at the bottom of the page and create a Tsu Soclal Account

2/ Upload an Avatar and a profile Background, a nice action figure or statue background will do nicely

3/ Make your first post on your Tsu Profile Page introducing yourself

4/ Contact the person who invited you and they will direct you to the Collectors Zone Tsu Group

5/ Add followers and friends on Tsu you want other members to view your content

6/ Just do what you do on Facebook and Twitter and all the other social sites and get rewarded

Click the Banner to get started!

The Collectors Zone Action Figures, Statues, Toys and collectibles Tsu Social Group

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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