Yes, you read that right… “YOU are responsible for YOUR TSU STATS”

I am going to show you what your Tsu stats could look like, when you really take responsibilty for your own CONTENT, your own LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES – also for your whole ENGAGEMENT.

You now maybe think: “What is this German dude talking about here?” Well, it is pretty DANG SIMPLE, let me tell you why?

If you want a good looking VIEW ANALYTICS GRAPH – then you should start posting on a regular basis… It is not only important to post more then 2 or 3 times a day. it is also important to deliver great CONTENT.


What is great CONTENT?

Everything could be great CONTENT it depends a bit on “Is there a market for your CONTENT? Well, a nice looking Sunrise/Sunset can be great CONTENT – You don’t need to deliver high quality content all the time, but make sure there is always some value in your POSTS.

CONTENT IS ALWAYS KING – Make sure your Friends and Followers like your CONTENT

Roman Rams @Affiliatepro Tsu Analytics Screen Capture showing his tsu stats

@Affiliatepro Tsu Analytics Screen Capture

On this Screenshot, you can see that i really was not that active in December but then on the12th my Tsu stats reached a high with 2,887 Views/Day.

To reach that high i used a lot of  Tsu mentions and #hashtags within my Tsu Social posts

After the 12th i went quiet and didn’t use many tags or mentions and you can see the results.

My goal is, to get numbers like 2,887 Views EVERY DAY – I KNOW that i need to TAKE A LOT OF ACTION TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Use the analytic tools from TSU, it makes a lot easier to watch what happens on your posts.

Share value with your friends and you can see an impact on your numbers.

Greetings from Germany

Roman Rams
Roman Rams @Affiliatepro - Tsu Social

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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