Charitable Micro-Donation Craze Growing On Tsu

There is something so magical and unique to Tsu that needs to be mentioned for the simple reason that you will not encounter this on other Social Media Platforms.
With a strong, active and caring community of people posting diverse information covering every topic under the universe, added to the ability to earn funds on a daily basis… BOOM! You’ve got the ideal formula for a “Donation Equation”.   A variety of verified charities are here waiting to be discovered, and WE have the POWER to help them.

People so often underestimate the value of a penny

Tsu the power of pennies - Micro Donations

Micro Donations are becoming ever popular on Tsu. You can donate as little as 1 cent to Tsu charities.

Currently, there are approximately 4 million people signed up on Tsu.  Even if you cut that down to 1 million active users, at a penny a day, contributions to charities could skyrocket into the thousands of dollars when you do the math!

The beauty is that the amount of the contribution is not the focus.

Some of us only earn a handful of pennies a day, whether we are new to Tsu or veterans, and THAT’S OKAY.

Paying it forward is something you will continue to observe on Tsu because this is the community that WE have created for ourselves.

Please consider becoming involved in the incredibly creative and FUN challenges that Tsu has to offer, as this has a so many purposes:

  1. You are creating original content with your photos.
  2. You are meeting and interacting with new users and therefore making more friends, and, of course. 
  3. Many of these challenges will suggest that you make a donation to a charity.

Take notice of the beautifully expanding world out here that is taking on the direction of where WE lead it.

Every single one of us can be an integral part of this Infinite Giving Equation.

Check Out the Tsu Top 75 Members for the best Tsu Charities currently on the platform

Author @marcywasserman

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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