Tsu Pro Tip – Share Buttons

It’s Tsu Pro Tip Time – How to get seen outside of Tsu and grow your network

Tsu is now no longer a closed community, meaning that our posts can be seen outside of Tsu and found on Google. So if you are serious about growing your Tsu Social downline then you really must start to share your content on other social networks

You are earning rewards for your content on Tsu but it is only members within Tsu that are seeing what you do and they are not going to join your network because they are already members.

Its a catch 22, a difficult dilemma, because on one hand you want views so you need to be on Tsu but on the other you also want to grow your Network so you need to be active outside on Tsu.

Tsu does help us by allowing us to auto share to Facebook and Twitter but we need to do much much more.

Before we get to the Pro Tip i want to touch on auto sharing on Facebook. Facebook is stripping out the link back to your post so anyone who see your content on Facebook can’t join with you, so i advise that you put in a line on your post before you publish that says something like, “if you are viewing via Facebook then here is your Private Invite to Tsu” and then add your invite link.

Tsu Pro Tip – Share Buttons

So Tsu gives us the option of sharing to 2 social sites, Facebook and Twitter, but that is not enough.

Take a look at this screen capture of my Tsu homepage

tsu made easy - tsu pro tip share buttons

Look at how many share options i have associated to my Google Chrome browser. I can literally just open my post and click through each share option one at a time, i have 17 or so services i can send my content off to in just a couple of mins, and you can even schedule the share on some of these services. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu The Paying Alternative


Tsu The Paying Alternative To Facebook And Twitter

Tsu is a social media platform that started October 2014.  Tsu works in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter.   You can post your photos, add text, share your videos, and add links to interesting content on other sites, it is a great way to share content.

A key feature that makes Tsu stand out from other social sites like Facebook and Twitter is that Tsu shares it’s ad revenue with it’s users, so the more you use Tsu the more you are rewarded. 

It’s  just pennies at first but grows as you develop a network of friends and followers. 

When your rewards reach $100 you can redeem them and receive a check if you are in the Usa or be paid via Paypal for the rest of the world. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu is a social platform that rewards members for the original content they produce.

There are a lot of tips out there so it’s difficult to add new value to what has already been said.

The challenge is to find quality resources all in one place – hence Tsu Made Easy is a great new place to find out everything you need to know about Tsu.

You can read a whole host of basic rules all over Tsu, many shares you can make, how many pending friend requests you can have outstanding, and the maximum amount of members you can follow in a single day, all information that new members need to know eventually, but biggest challenge that new Tsu members  have when getting started is who to follow and how to build their network.


How to build a quality Tsu Network – Tsu Made Easy

Some Tsu experts say use hashtags with the area of your interest, some say type in #tsu or other keywords including “tsu” and follow anyone that has posted within 10 mins as it is quite likely they follow you back because they are probably still online Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Simple Tips To Use Tsū The S.M.A.R.T. Way

How to use Tsu the smart way - S-M-A-R-T
What activities should you be focused on most when it comes to building your Tsu profile and presence?

I feel that your account online should be an extension of your life in the real world. It should be pretty easy and straightforward to figure out what kind of content to post but if you’re finding it difficult remember these tips:

What keeps people coming back and using a platform is if it’s Simple and easy to understand. The first thing I do when logging on is go to my notifications and scan to see all the people mentioning me specifically. I check those Tsū members and anybody who sent me a direct message first. Next I look at everybody who has shared my posts or left a comment so that I can interact with them and keep the conversations flowing.

We’re living in a very noisy world and sometimes it can be hard to stand out from that noise and get your content seen… Contributing value to the platform rather than noise will get your content shared more and seen by more people! Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Tsu Charity Watch – Music For Autism

Spotlight on – Music For Autism @Music4Autism

tsu charity watch - music for autism

As a teacher who has had the honor, privilege and pleasure to work with numerous children on the Autism Spectrum, I was ecstatic to see @Music4Autism jump onto the Tsu Platform and join in with the rest of the unbelievable charities we are so fortunate to support here in Tsu.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to @tsupermom (Nancy Burrows) for directing me on my path to speak with both Laura Lazar who runs the @Music4Autism page and the Founder of Music For Autism in the US, Dr. Robert Accordino.
Q) Dr. Accordino, when did you establish Music for Autism and what prompted you to create this particular charity?
I became involved with our UK sister organization when I was a graduate student in the UK. When I returned to the US to commence medical school, I was moved by the number of family narratives of those impacted by autism feeling so shut out of public events and the impact this had on their quality of life. I hoped to create something similar to what we had in the UK to make music accessible to this population to enhance the entire family’s quality of life.

Read the rest of this Tsu entry

tsu charity watch awf afican wildlife foundation

Spotlight on Charity – African Wildlife Foundation @AWF_Official 

by @marcywasserman

Making a huge imprint in the Tsu Community is the one and only African Wildlife Foundation. Recently, I had the chance to speak to them about their excellent organization, and although fairly new, they are already thrilled to be here on Tsu.  Check out their Tsu page @AWF_Official.

Q) When was the African Wildlife Foundation established and by whom (in terms of founders/staff)

A) The African Wildlife Leadership Foundation (AWLF) was legally established on March 20, 1961. This is the conservation organization that would become African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) in 1983. The founders of AWLF included WWII veteran James Bugg former World Wildlife Fund chairman Russell Train, and Kermit Roosevelt, the son of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. AWLF provided scholarships to Africans interested in conservation and established a wildlife management training college on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania.

wildlife doesn't understand park boarders

For much of the year, animals travel from park to park, and even country to country, following migration routes, searching for food, and seeking calving grounds. Protecting the corridors of land used for travel is a crucial component of successful conservation

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