Tsu Top 75 the alternative to the Tsu Discover Users List

The Tsu Top 75 and why its a useful tool for newcomers. The Alternative Tsu Discover Users List

The Tsu Top 75 list, started by Dexter Roona, is a list of the top Tsu users, as well as verified members, Tsu staff, and active Tsu charities.

It originally started out as the top 50 list, but as more and more users joined, the list was expanded. It now includes a ‘Ones To Watch’ section for the users that didn’t quite make the list but are definitely worth checking out.

The Top 75 list is voted for by other members. Members can nominate others that they feel deserve to be added, then if their quality is deemed high enough, they (hopefully!) enter the list.

I’m on there. At time of writing I was number 66. I was a ‘One To Watch’ for several months, before being  promoted to the list itself. But even before I was on the list, I was using it regularly to see which members I should be following, who was engaging on the nomination posts, and in turn discovering fantastic new users and developing some amazing new friendships along the way. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

What Not To Do On Tsu

what not to do on tsu one word tsu comments do not make them


The one thing that active Tsu members hate on Tsu are members who come to their pages and posts to make one word Tsu comments like “like and nice

Do not do this unless what you are writing is in context with the subject.

There is no reason to comment “like” because Tsu has a like button and you really should not post “nice” unless it fits with the content, for example its a great picture you could comment “nice”, but it would be much better and much more valuable to you if you comment something like “this is a really nice picture, where did you take it?” Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How to grow your downline with a Tsu splash page

How to grow your Tsu Downline with Tsu Made Easy

If you are a Tsu member and you are struggling to get sign ups or as Tsu calls them children then you are going to find this article very interesting.

When someone visits your short code they see a sign up page that doesn’t really say much about Tsu or why the visitor should join you on Tsu or your profile, again this doesn’t really explain that Tsu is a social site that rewards content creators and gives fair value for the views that your content receives.

The Tsu page that the visitor sees depends on your privacy setting within Tsu. Seeing the profile page is the better option of the two because it means that if someone finds a post link to a piece of Tsu content that they find interesting they will see the content and not a sign up page. I find that people tend not to join sites when presented with a sign up page rather than the content they are clicking to see, it is kind of holding them to ransom.

So for me it is clearly best to allow visitors to see your profile and posts. For details on how to do this please refer to my Ultimate Guide To Tsu

Unfortunately showing your profile may still not be enough to convert the visitor to a new Tsu Child because there is still no real information on what Tsu is , how Tsu works or what it is all about..

So to really get a better conversion or sign up rate to Tsu you really need to create yourself a Tsu Splash page or a capture page. This is very easy to do but time consuming and once created it is very difficult to get your page seen… but i have the solution 😉 Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Simple Tips To Grow Your Tsu Followers And Friends

Here are some simple tips to grow your Tsu followers but at the same time not clog up your Tsu feed with unrelated content to your niche.

how to grow your followers on tsu organically

Here is how to grow your Tsu Followers organically

You need to start by searching hashtags for the niche you are interested in. From the search results that appear you are looking for the Tsu members who are posting similar content to yours because they will be interested in what you add to your profile feed, these are the type of members you should be following and the type of members who you want to follow you. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Is There A Spam Problem On Tsu?

To Block Or Not To That Is The Tsu Question

There seems to be an opinion by a very small minority that there is a spam problem on Tsu but i don’t believe this is the case, yes sure there are some spammers but it is no where near as big a problem as some members will have you believe.

does tsu have a spam problem

Some Tsu members will have tell you that comments like “like” and “nice” are spam but are they? Yes some of these comments may be spam with the member just posting to max comments in an attempt to earn bigger rewards on Tsu, but Tsu does not pay for comments, it pays for your views. Read the rest of this Tsu entry