What I Love About Tsu

Alex Miller @ihatenewyork2015 Tells us what he loves about Tsu

I’m a pretty normal guy. I put my socks on my hands and gloves on my feet just like you. And then I bumped into a beautiful site called Tsu that promised me money for content. So obviously I was thinking,

yeah right! Free social networking site that pays money for content? And my name is John McClane.

Upon learning that Tsu is a free social networking site that does pay for original content, I decided to go get my name changed. But then I rethought that because I’m not Bruce Willis and I’m damn sure not cutting my feet inside a ventilation shaft while chasing after terrorists.

What i love about Tsu

So, I’ve been on the site less than a month and have seen so many others, normal, like myself, rack up money and post their earnings online for everyone to see. Braggadocios? Yes, true. But why not? I mean, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Twitter, Facetime, Snapchat, Blogger, and a bunch of others I’m forgetting because the list is too long, all devour the material we provide and give nothing back. A few likes here, a couple shares there, and then you’re still sitting on your ass, waiting for more critical acclaim for that beautiful sonnet you wrote so that Kurt would notice you. He’s not going to. And you still have no money. Isn’t it time for some change for a change?

Currently, I’m using Tsu for a variety of reasons, mostly to make money, but also to connect with others. I have a web series that I created called “I Hate New York,” and Tsu offers a great platform for me to reach a broader audience. And, honestly, if you’ve ever tried to advertise or promote, you have experienced multiple stumbling blocks on the web.

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coont tips - tsu social media


Hey Tsu Family. Geeting’s from Germany

I have some real Tsu TIPs for YOU on “How to get people to engage on your Tsu Feed?”

Well, let me tell it like it is… It is a no-brainer when you got it


1/ Create your own Content
Don’t copy and paste content that is not yours. I can tell you, that you will lose your Account 100%.

2/ Follow people who have a lot of followers and watch daily for what they post about, on their feed.

3/ Find people who are interested in the same kind of content as you are. Find similar conversations of substance.

4/ Find interesting topics and create for specific “niches” specific content, to inspire other people to FOLLOW YOU and ENGAGE ON YOUR POSTS.


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Tsu HashTags Twitter Tip

Tsu hashtags Twitter Trick

How to automatically add Tsu Hashtags to your Twitter shares

Here is a really neat Tsu Social trick to get maximum benefit from the auto-shares you make to Twitter.

We touched on the importance of putting some personality into your auto-shares on yesterdays post “How To Promote Tsu With Twitter

Today we are going to talk about how it is important to add Tsu hashtags to your shares

Hashtags are basically just categories where content is grouped and when we tweet we really should have some tags to help get what we post seen. Hashtags are not so important if you have a big following on Twitter but if you don’t then adding trending tags puts you in amongst the cool kids. You can be easily found, even if you have as little as one follower, because with tags people are searching for what they like and if you pick the right trending tags they will find you. Members searching hashtags tend to be pretty active users because they have a pretty good understanding of how social media and Twitter works, so you need to be in front of them. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

How To Promote Tsu With Twitter

how to get sign ups to tsu with twitter

How to promote your Tsu Social with your Twitter account

The key to promoting Tsu Social on any social media site is for your social shares to look natural, and when i say natural i mean that you have to put some of you into what your sharing.

Auto-sharing when we create content on Tsu is a great option, but it does also make us a bit lazy. Auto-shares do get the message out but they do also have no personality and don’t really inspire your followers because they probably see the tweet as exactly that, just an auto-share, and they have no confidence that there is a real person behind the social activity, so it is a really good idea to go to Twitter occasionally put some of you onto your feed, after all people buy from people and we are selling Tsu.

how to promote your tsu account with twitter

Social sharing from Tsu to Twitter gives you a very basic and bland version of your content on Tsu on your Twitter feed, it never really says much about Tsu as a site or why your followers should come and join, so go to your Twitter account and just make a few manual tweets. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

What can the Tsu Social Network do for you

I’ve been an amateur writer on the web for fifteen years. I have had quite a bit of success on the dedicated writing sites, but over the last few years have seen diminishing returns on these sites.

Realizing that these sites are essentially dying because Google views them as content farms, I decided to abruptly stop writing on the main article writing sites and search for a much better tool to write on.

I joined a couple of social sites that paid and enjoyed them for a time. The main problem with writing on a social site is that generally the community is not interested in content; all they want to do is share memes, complain about life and talk with friends. Read the rest of this Tsu entry