A little review of TSŪ

I have only been on TSŪ for a short time… Here is my honest Tsu review so far.

Tsu Review

Tsu Review by Lola Bee

I’m not usually very good at social media websites, I am a member on quite a few and I tend to post a few day to day things .As a blogger I do find that they’re pretty good for getting your name out, but you have to know the right people to do so, to gain support behind you. This is where I have struggled in the past.

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How to get Tsu Followers

How to get Tsu Followers Fast and hit the ground running.

How to grow your followers on Tsu

So why do you join a social media site like Tsu?

It is because you have something to say and share. The problem is when you join any social network like Tsu your pretty much on your own because you have no Tsu friends and followers. There are lot’s of opinions on how to get Tsu followers and fix this problem and to be fair there is no right or wrong method to grow your Tsu followers, just fast ways and slow ways. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Yes, you read that right… “YOU are responsible for YOUR TSU STATS”

I am going to show you what your Tsu stats could look like, when you really take responsibilty for your own CONTENT, your own LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES – also for your whole ENGAGEMENT.

You now maybe think: “What is this German dude talking about here?” Well, it is pretty DANG SIMPLE, let me tell you why?

If you want a good looking VIEW ANALYTICS GRAPH – then you should start posting on a regular basis… It is not only important to post more then 2 or 3 times a day. it is also important to deliver great CONTENT.


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Tsu Posting Limits Are An Opportunity

Tsu Posting Limits keep me creative, motivated and inspired

Tsu posting limits create a very powerful social media experience if you take posting limits with a positive mindset. They allow you to grow as a Tsu user because they push you towards creating quality content.

When Tsuvians see posting limits as an opportunity they create inspiring, motivating and creative content, they also will get much better at creating original content while working with posting limits.

Tsu Social Network Site Limits

So, when you START thinking POSITIVE about the Tsu Posting Limits you start to see and use Tsu in a very different way, it becomes a different social media experience and also a different social media journey. Read the rest of this Tsu entry

Why it's time to join Tsu Social - It's time for change

A couple of weeks ago Tsu users around the world woke up to the realisation that they could no longer share links to their Tsu content on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook had blocked and censored the Tsu domain and unsurprisingly the censorship continued on Instagram.

What do you do when Facebook blocks you, well not much. I have been reporting what has been happening since this unfair action was taken, along with Tsu’s very own Eileen Brown who writes for Zdnet made waves with a great article in support of the Tsu Social Network

Is Facebook afraid of social network rival Tsu?

Tsu has 4.2 million users, while Facebook has over 1.4 billion. Yet the social networking Goliath has apparently stopped allowing Tsu users to post items to Facebook and has removed all historical posts and links referring to the site.

On September 25, users of social network site Tsu discovered that they could no longer post items to Facebook or Instagram mentioning the URL “Tsu.co”. Tsu users and employees reported these blocks to Facebook and Instagram. Tsu users commented across the platform that there was an issue.

A few days later the Tsu api to Facebook was shut down. Error messages referred to the fact that the content was deemed to be malicious.

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