I have only been on TSŪ for a short time… Here is my honest Tsu review so far.

Tsu Review

Tsu Review by Lola Bee

I’m not usually very good at social media websites, I am a member on quite a few and I tend to post a few day to day things .As a blogger I do find that they’re pretty good for getting your name out, but you have to know the right people to do so, to gain support behind you. This is where I have struggled in the past.

I’m not a very popular person, I keep myself to myself unless it comes to my blogs. However, since starting on TSŪ I have found it easier to make new friends and to get my blogs seen. It is a lot like other social networking sites, I admit that, but I do find it easier to use. Everything seems to be simple and bold, so you know where you’re going and what you’re doing. There is no guess work with what button does what. I also find the community as a whole are a lot more friendlier .
I have only been on TSŪ for four days so far and I have gained over 200 friends. All friends have been very supportive. They have shown me how to advertise properly, who I should be following, as in to match my interests etc.
I have been introduced to the world of gifs, and just in general been made to feel more confident in what I do.
I have gained a lot more confidence in my work thanks to the feedback I get from my new friends .
I haven’t had this support anywhere else but TSŪ.

When I joined I was very skeptical, you do tend to think that it’s a scam.

Who wants to pay you for doing your every day thing ?
It doesn’t make sense!

I thought there would be a catch, but honestly I haven’t found any.

I’m not here for the money at all. I am here just to get my name out with my blogs. However, the thought of being able get something back from you work is amazing. A lot take that for granted and pocket the profits for themselves, but TSŪ are open and honest.They take 10% and you keep the rest.,10% isn’t a lot. I get that it can be amongst the thousands that use it, but unlike other sites, they aren’t pocketing the lot, and I like this. I like that they wish to give back to those who support them.
Tsu is like one big support group. Everyone supporting everyone when it comes to work / fun / play 🙂
I can’t recommend TSŪ enough!
You won’t get rich through posting, but if you’re going to post on any site, you may as well take something from it as you go 🙂

Thanks for reading my Tsu Review … hope to see you there very soon!

Lola Bee @ThatLolaGirl

I blog about Mental Illness, I encourage people to speak out. Help raise hampers & money for charities.
Help manage media side of Grim Citizens (Band).

ThatLolaGirl The ups & downs of life with mental & physical illnesses & a girl who is determined to beat them .Tsu Review

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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