tsu alternative to facebook

Is Tsu Better Than Facebook?

Well all Tsu members will have their own opinion on this subject but for me, currently the answer is no. That’s not to say that it won’t be better, and that is why i am a strong supporter of Tsu because i see it as becoming a serious alternative to Facebook.

I don’t think you can consider Tsu as better than Facebook because Tsu is not the finished article, where as Facebook is.

Facebook just wins hands down on features. Remember Tsu is still an infant, and not even 1 year old yet, so there is a long way to go. But already in this first year Tsu is already a pretty impressive site and becoming a credible alternative to Facebook.

3 Alternatives To Facebook


deviantart -altrnative to facebook - tsumadeeasy

While image-oriented social networks like Pinterest and Instagram have rocketed in popularity, DeviantArt has held steady as the world’s largest online art community for 15 years.

With more than 300 million original works of art submitted by at least 34 million members, this forum is home to artists from more than 190 countries posting everything from anime to 3-D landscapes for their peers to comment on.

Whether you’re interested in traditional techniques like oil-painted landscapes, or off-the-wall topical themes like #cosplayfriday, you’ll find artists who appreciate your efforts and whose expertise will push your craft forward.


Nextdoor - alternative to facebook - tsumadeeasy

One of the curiosities of the social media age is how we can be so well-connected with people on the other side of the world, yet still not know our next door neighbours.

A network designed for building and strengthening communities, Nextdoor connects people within geographic neighbourhoods, helping them talk about things that are important to the places where they live.

Part Craigslist (with a classified section), part Yelp (where users can recommend local businesses), and part Facebook (with neighbours able to post updates and comments on other people’s posts), NextDoor pulls the seemingly invisible layer of social interaction out of the web and lays it onto the real world.


untappd - alternative to facebook - tsumadeeasy

Of all the things we post for friends on social networks — pictures of our kids, recipes, news stories — beer might be the only one we’d actually share in real life.

A social site for people who enjoy great tasting beers, Untappd lets users check in at bars, write a review of their drink, check in to see what their friends at other establishments are drinking, and of course, take that highly-filtered half-drunken beer picture for all to enjoy.

Tsu Social Credible Alternative To FACEBOOK

It is clear that their are lots of alternatives to Facebook, the 3 examples above offer features of Facebook and do them better than Facebook, but they are really working with just one niche where as Facebook has all bases covered.

So how will Tsu develop? well i think Tsu is already on par with many of these Facebook alternatives and Tsu is also offering some very unique features that you can’t find with other alternatives and that you can’t find on Facebook.

The big question is How much like Facebook doe’s Tsu want to be? …. only time will tell.


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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