To Block Or Not To That Is The Tsu Question

There seems to be an opinion by a very small minority that there is a spam problem on Tsu but i don’t believe this is the case, yes sure there are some spammers but it is no where near as big a problem as some members will have you believe.

does tsu have a spam problem

Some Tsu members will have tell you that comments like “like” and “nice” are spam but are they? Yes some of these comments may be spam with the member just posting to max comments in an attempt to earn bigger rewards on Tsu, but Tsu does not pay for comments, it pays for your views.

The purpose of comments is merely to offer opinion and to drive engagement, so this being said the members participating in this practice are not posting spam, they are not spammeres but more likely members who just do not understand how Tsu works or have a problem with English not being their native tongue

Hard line members will tell you to block these members for the good of your Tsu feed. But is this a good use for the block member feature?

These guys are just trying to get involved with Tsu so why not just message them and advise them how to comment, why not give them some guidance?

The members who are posting short comments are not a problem in Tsu’s eyes in fact they are needed because if they were not on Tsu then yeah the minority would be very happy but the reality is the internal traffic would drop the alexa rank would dip and the advertisers would not be happy.

If Tsu was worried they could easily add filters to stop one word comments and add minimum length comment features, and even a duplicate comment feature to stop members from going to multiple profiles to comment “nice”

So what is Spam?

Well i consider spam to be comments that are unrelated to the content theme, that are an attempt to take someone to another page, that are trying to sell something.

These comments come from members who have no interest in the content that they are commenting on, they are merely using it as a window to get what they are offering seen. They come to you page with a motive to do this. These guys are the spammers.

When to use the block button

I very rarely use the the Tsu block member feature, but when i do it is reserved not for the imaginary spammers on my page but for experienced members who come just to cause drama, the members who have nothing really to say other than to attack what you do and then regurgitate your ideas into something they then use as their own.

when to use the block button

This is when you need to be the Iron Man of Tsu and the Sheriff of your own feed.

These guys will tell you not to do this and not to do that and to not follow the aspiring gurus, then they will expect you to follow what they do and say instead…. so who is the wannabe guru? ….these are the guys that deserve to be blocked.

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