Instagram Blocks Tsu Social – It’s Worse Than I Thought

A few days ago i reported that both Facebook and Instagram had blocked and censored Tsu.


Facebook has now blocked and censored Tsu. We can no longer auto-share to Facebook and we can no longer post our links directly on the site. What is even worse is that Facebook have removed old posts that carry the Tsu short-code and they have also gone into messenger and removed links as well ….. Privacy Invasion? hmmmm.

Moving onto Instagram, if you have your Tsu short-code added as your bio link then Instagram is frozen for you, remove the link and you can again use Instagram.


Facebook has blocked the Tsu domain and also gone into the system and removed all posts that had previously been made. They have also gone into messenger and removed the capability for us to send a Tsu link and again have removed them from past messenger conversations.

In the last week Facebook has had down time and been offline on two separate occasions, presumably as a result of them extinguishing the Tsu fire that they have started. Unfortunately their actions have just poured petrol on the flames.

Instagram blocking Tsu Social

On Instagram initially it appeared that it was just a block on the Tsu link as your Instagram Bio link but after investigation the censorship is much worse than this. It now seems that there is a block on tags and a block on mentions, this may be a short term block but if it’s not there are going to be some very angry App Developers.

Tsu members have reacted to the censorship by getting really active on both sites. Facebook and Instagram can block links but they can’t block images that promote our Tsu short-code.

Regards DexterRoona

Instagram blocks tsu social

For more information on Tsu Social please refer to our Ultimate Guide To Tsu

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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