Simple Tips To Use Tsū The S.M.A.R.T. Way

How to use Tsu the smart way - S-M-A-R-T
What activities should you be focused on most when it comes to building your Tsu profile and presence?

I feel that your account online should be an extension of your life in the real world. It should be pretty easy and straightforward to figure out what kind of content to post but if you’re finding it difficult remember these tips:

What keeps people coming back and using a platform is if it’s Simple and easy to understand. The first thing I do when logging on is go to my notifications and scan to see all the people mentioning me specifically. I check those Tsū members and anybody who sent me a direct message first. Next I look at everybody who has shared my posts or left a comment so that I can interact with them and keep the conversations flowing.

We’re living in a very noisy world and sometimes it can be hard to stand out from that noise and get your content seen… Contributing value to the platform rather than noise will get your content shared more and seen by more people!

Make sure that you are putting 100% into everything that you post and that it is Meaningful.

There are a few things that you are not allowed to post on Tsū, most of which can be found in the Terms of Service. Make sure that your posts are YOUR OWN and aren’t using somebody else’s copyright. So long as your posts are Acceptable you are able to earn royalties on them for the rest of your life.

Tsū can be very Rewarding in more ways than just money. While getting paid to post may seem pretty enticing, the real reward is the people you will meet. The best way to find like minded people is to search hashtags of the things you’re interested in. Whether it’s #Music , #Art , #Sports , or a plethora of activities and passions Tsū is the place to find it!

Finally the things that you do on here should be easily Trackable. take a look at your analytics and see how you’re doing. In my experience I’ve found that on average, a user who experiences 1,000 views on their posts can probably expect around 100 likes, and 25 comments. This is not an exact science but from the data I’ve collected on my own, and from others, I’ve found that 10% of people will like something they’ve seen and 2% will comment on it. You can increase these numbers now that you know them by trying to be more interactive yourself and remember, whatever you want to receive, you first have to give.

Article Written by: Zachary Nemy
Username: @znemy

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