how to ramp your tsu earnings

Here is a really simple Tsu Strategy Tip that will help you to increase your earnings without having to make tons on new posts everyday.

This is really simple but before you can really put this strategy into operation you need to have built up some followers and friends, because without followers and friends, no one is going to see what your posting.

So here is what you do

Focus on quality content where one post lead onto another. So for example Tsu Challenges are great for this.

You make a master post that explains how the challenge works, then you make challenge posts that link back to the master post, so anyone who finds your challenge posts then get directed to the master post for the challenge instructions. You are driving traffic from one piece of content to the next and so driving your views up.

Another great way of increasing views is to share the link to a post you have made so that Tsu draws up a snippet of the original post then you just add in a short description.

This will bring you views to the new post and drive traffic to the original content because members will want to read the full story. You are essentially social sharing your own content

You are also building internal backlinks and this will become important when Google Search really starts to pick up our content in the search results.

You won’t ramp your Tsu earnings directly by being found as Tsu pages viewed from outside of the platform are not monetized but you will pick up signups and that will ramp your Tsu Earnings.

Build up a body of content that you can interlink so driving traffic from one to the other and you will start to ramp your Tsu Earnings.

Any questions then please leave a comment and i will be happy to answer.

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