how to get sign ups to tsu with twitter

How to promote your Tsu Social with your Twitter account

The key to promoting Tsu Social on any social media site is for your social shares to look natural, and when i say natural i mean that you have to put some of you into what your sharing.

Auto-sharing when we create content on Tsu is a great option, but it does also make us a bit lazy. Auto-shares do get the message out but they do also have no personality and don’t really inspire your followers because they probably see the tweet as exactly that, just an auto-share, and they have no confidence that there is a real person behind the social activity, so it is a really good idea to go to Twitter occasionally put some of you onto your feed, after all people buy from people and we are selling Tsu.

how to promote your tsu account with twitter

Social sharing from Tsu to Twitter gives you a very basic and bland version of your content on Tsu on your Twitter feed, it never really says much about Tsu as a site or why your followers should come and join, so go to your Twitter account and just make a few manual tweets.

Tell your followers why they should join Tsu. Explain that Tsu is a social media site that rewards content creation. Tell them about the many charities that have homes on Tsu. Tell your followers about your most recent daily rewards, its a really good idea to mention the growth of your Tsu rewards daily so that your followers can follow your journey to redeeming your rewards.

People often need some kind of repetition before they take action, they may need to see Tsu mentioned 3,4 maybe 5 times before they will take some kind of action, so daily updates are great.

It is also a great idea to have a headline tweet on your profile page. A tweet that is pinned to the top of your page, take a look at the screen capture below.

How to promote tsu with twitter

Here are the steps to pin a Tweet to the top of your Twitter profile

  1. create your tweet, your call to action, explaining a little bit about why your followers should come and join you on Tsu

  2. add an image, you are limited on the number of characters you can use on twitter and your image upload uses up some of tweet characters, so the image must really say something about why someone should join you on Tsu

  3. pull down on the drop down menu

  4. pin the tweet to your profile

Pinning a Tweet like this gives you a permanent  (until you want to change it) Tsu advert on your profile. It can also add some personality to your page and give some insight as to what Tsu really is.

Hope this helps

Regards Dexter

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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