How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed

How To Quickly Find Posts That Have Dropped Off The Tsu Social Feed

Tsu has a post number limit that it shows on your feed. Your feed shows 250 and as you add new content old content drops off your Tsu profile feed.

In this article i will show you how to quickly find and manage your posts from this day on, Tsu posts that have already dropped, well i can’t really help you with those, the only real way to find them is to hopefully find them on Google Search or to hope someone finds your posts on another members feed where they havn’t yet dropped, they then share and you can find the content from the resulting notification that you receive.

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed

Well this is really easy, all you have to do is to bookmark them.

  1. Create new Tsu content and share to your feed

  2. Open the content in a new tab so that it displays the post link

  3. Bookmark the link

Take a look at the screen capture below. It is taken from my Tsu feed and shows a Tsu Made Easy article that i shared about Instagrams censorship of Tsu. To bookmark a post all you have to do is click the tab menu then click open post and then you can share to the social channel or book mark service of your choice.

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed

There are endless social channels and curation sites that you can bookmark your content to. But before you can do this efficiently and quickly you need to set yourself up with some share buttons on your browser.

Social Sites and Curation Sites You Can Use To Bookmark And Share To

Google Plus

You don’t really think of Google Plus as a bookmarking site but it can be used in this way. All you have to do is to open your Tsu content and then click your Google Plus share button. A pop up window will appear like the one below

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed - Google Plus

You can add in additional comments and hastags and anything else you want to add including your Tsu Short-Code.

You select the circles you want to share to, so im sharing to Public and Extended Circles (friends of friends) and then you just click share. There is no real downside to using Google Plus for bookmarking your content other than your image doesn’t always go across on share, it all depends on the image site that you use on Tsu.

On the plus side your content is highly visible on Google search to your followers on Google Plus and you have a great opportunity to pick up sign ups to Tsu.


You can again use Pinterest in the same way you use Google Plus, however there is a downside in that you can only pin posts that have images that’s why just about all the content that i produce have engaging images attached. And just like Google Plus you may well get some new sign ups from your activity

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed - Pinterest


Pocket is more or a conventional curation / bookmarking site. When you click your Pocket share button there is no pop up window, the content is sent straight to Pocket. On visiting your profile you can see all of your shares, if you click one of the snippets a new page opens within Pocket where you can see the complete post that you made, a curated version which then clicks through to the original.

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed - Pocket

Using Pocket is a lot simpler that using other social sites, there is no learning curve for Google Circles or no Pin Boards to create, it is just really a save to service.


Instapaper works exactly the same as Pocket. The only real difference is the way that the content is displayed. Again you can click a snippet and click through to a full curated version which then again clicks through to the original Tsu post.

How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed - Instapaper


How to manage your Tsu Profile Feed – Conclusion

If you want to look after and manage your content then you should be bookmarking your content. A post made a while ago may not of originally got a lot of attention but some months on when your following is much bigger, well the results can be much, much better.

All of the sites above will do the job. The social sites have a learning curve attached, but have more benefits with, being highly visible so the chances of sign ups are much greater, where as Pocket and Instapaper are really just a place to store. All provide good backlinks, all have great mobile apps. They all offer different things and that is exactly why i use them all regularly at the same time.

Regards Dexter

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