Tsu Social Network Invite New York Skyline - How to join the Tsu social network


The Tsu Social Network is a revolutionary new social media platform that rewards content creation. If you use social media then you can join the millions of Tsu members from around the world who are all monetising the content they create and receiving fair value for the views they receive.

Tsu believes that the content creator, that’s you and me is an important component of this social payment platform, because without us there is no content. and that is why the Tsu Social Network gives back 90% of the platforms advertising revenue back to the content creators.

“$9.00 out of every $10.00 in advertising revenue is given back to the members”

So how do you join the Tsu Social Network?

It’s easy just click the graphic at the top and you will be directed to the Tsu Invite page. Just fill in your details and submit.

Alternatively you can download the Tsu android app or the Tsu ios app from Itunes.

Simply install the app and add in the username of the person who invited you.

Once you have joined Tsu you will need to checkout my Ultimate Guide To Tsu

How do you make money with Tsu?

It’s really easy, just do what you do on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, share your pictures, your stories, your music and you will be rewarded and given fair value for the views your content receives.

Invite your friends to join you, simply give them your tsu profile link and they can sign up, in fact you can even use this page to sign new members to Tsu, just add /?id=yourusername to the end of the page link and the link will follow your Tsu invite, you can also add your username to any page or post with Tsu Made Easy and use the content to promote your Tsu Invite. For a more detailed explanation of how this works then check out my Grow your Tsu Downline with a Tsu Splash page article.


Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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