Simple Tips To Grow Your Tsu Followers And Friends

Here are some simple tips to grow your Tsu followers but at the same time not clog up your Tsu feed with unrelated content to your niche.

how to grow your followers on tsu organically

Here is how to grow your Tsu Followers organically

You need to start by searching hashtags for the niche you are interested in. From the search results that appear you are looking for the Tsu members who are posting similar content to yours because they will be interested in what you add to your profile feed, these are the type of members you should be following and the type of members who you want to follow you.

How to grow your tsu followers - how to search hashtags

As you can see above i searched for the term movies and it gives me a list of all members with the word movie in their username and any related hashtags that members are tagging their content with. Just click a member to visit their page or better still click a hashtag and see all posts tagged with that tag.

When you find a member who is in the same niche as you, just visit their page and look through, you want to check that they havn’t made a one off post that is related and everything else is unrelated, spend a minute or two to just check if you like what they are doing.

When you are happy they match with you give some of their posts some likes and leave some relevant comments that ask questions, you are looking to create a conversation with them. Then follow or friend them.

I would start with a follow and then move up to a friend request. If your not sure of the difference between friends and followers, well basically followers is a one way connection and friends is a two way connection, you can read more about friends and followers on my Ultimate Tsu Guide.

how to grow your tsu followers

Repeat the process on the next member you find and you will see your Tsu followers and friends start to grow organically.

Be warned this is not a fast process as you are building relationships, but what it does give you is a very niche feed and very targeted friends and followers so that when you create content you know your network will like and engage with the content that you have created.

Hope this helps

Regards Dexter

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