I know from my own experience from using the Tsu Mention Club that a much bigger percentage of members are mentioning than are reciprocating the Tsu Social engagement they receive.

Tsu Mention Club Pro Tip

You need to mention people and when you are mentioned in other Tsu Members content you need to pay attention to the post your mentioned in, even if you just visit for to give a few likes, each small action adds up and is noticed by the Tsu Member posting you must show some Tsu Social Engagement with their content

My best advice is leave a comment, start a conversation and build a relationship of reciprocity

Here is an example of the Tsu Mention Club not working



Do you understand what just happened? Where is the Tsu Social Engagement?

The Tsu Mention Club list just became worthless to you because to put it bluntly you are just leaching off the list and not providing Tsu Social Engagement or value and the members are using the lists for engagement and they can see you are just in it for what you can get.

There are no free rides, the Tsu Mention Club only works if you reciprocate, so if you want the mention club or any of the related circles to work you have to return the Tsu engagement that you receive or it just won’t work for you.

The Tsu Mention Club, the Charity Circle, the Challenges Circle, the New Member Shout-Out Circle and the Tsu Art and Photography Circle are lists of members who who engage with other members who mention them in exchange for them being able to mention you…. it is a two way street or it doesn’t work

Tsu Social - Social Media That Rewards .... thats reason to share 😉
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